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Clensta Waterless Products

With a goal to efficiently maintain good personal hygiene in any type of weather conditions, Dr. Puneet Gupta formed the innovative biotech start-up, Clensta. These 100% natural, waterless products aim to omit the old mechanism of maintaining hygiene with lots of water and spread the revolutionizing new concept of waterless bath solutions to every corner of the world.With the raising parameters of global warming and unhealthy environment, maintaining one’s personal hygiene is the most important step in preventing public health from hazardous health problems globally. Hygiene can be more precisely defined by the conditions and actions taken by an individual to preserve good health and promote it. With a little care about personal and environmental cleanliness, good hygiene can be achieved quite easily.

However, with the growing lack of water access to the human race, it becomes highly difficult to use water for both drinking and cleaning purposes. Let’s take a closer look at it. As mentioned by WWF, Out of the 70% water, that covers our planet, only 3% is fresh water and ready to use. Which means, around 1.1 billion people do not have access to water even for their normal survival purposes. And a total of 2.7 billion (approx.) had to face water scarcity for at least 30 days every year. As a result, around 2.4 billion people are at the risk of chronic health diseases due to poor hygiene and sanitation. Poor hygiene not only leaves you open to serious diseases like cholera and typhoid but also causes the death of two million people every year, most of them being children below the age of 13.

Revolutionary Innovation of Clensta Waterless Products

With a proper research and understanding of hygiene issues around us, Dr. Puneet and his team gave out to the world one of the most revolutionary products in decades, the Clensta Waterless Bath Products. Every great innovation requires time, dedication and constant practice. The same goes for the waterless products by Clensta, developed under the supervision of medical experts, in support with IIT Delhi.

Dr. Puneet had a close association with Defence Forces, as a part of his job for more than eight years. These crucial years in his career plays an important role in the birth and growth of Clensta’s waterless products. He met the honourable Indian soldiers and personally experienced their challenging condition in areas like the Siachen, Kargil, and Dras, where the drop in temperature can even go down to -45 degrees.

Hence, he very well understands how such weather conditions and lack of fresh water can produce ill-hygienic conditions. This opens the risk doors to our soldiers’ immunity and health, and make them vulnerable to chronic diseases. Seeing the situation so closely and interacting with senior defense official, Puneet decided to take up the challenge and give army personnel a safeguard from poor health conditions, in the form of good personal hygiene solution.

However, his quest does not end here. He wanted to know more about the hygiene conditions persisting in various sectors like health and education, to better understand what the society actually needs to lead a healthy life. He had an elongated conversation with top medical experts and got to know that, patients in almost every hospital around the country, have “Sponging” as their best alternative to bathing. Which, in any ways is not sufficient to maintain a good hygiene balance.

In addition to field research team, Clensta worked on forming a research partnership with IIT Delhi and undertook their in-house research team to accomplish their mission of celebrating good health in every corner of the world and dealing with water scarcity.

Development of Clensta Waterless Products

With a detailed product development plan and in-depth research, Clensta focused on the three main aspects of balancing better hygiene.

  1. Personal Hygiene
  2. Dental Hygiene
  3. Controlling Dengue and Malaria

Their range of personal hygiene products mainly emphasizes on qualities like removing grease, dirt, and odour, and maintaining the pH level of your skin. It not only saves water but by reducing the bathing times it also helps you save some quality time out of your busy schedule. As said by Dr. Puneet himself, Clensta’s waterless products give you a completely fresh feel, just like you had a full bath, without using a single drop of water.

Talking about the dental hygiene, team Clensta is dedicatedly working on the formula to present the world with a magical toothpaste, that doesn’t need water for its use. They call it a “Safe-to-Swallow formula, that will take care of the dental health even in odd circumstances or weather conditions. As the reports say, the basic formulation for this toothpaste is almost ready and Clensta plans to launch their waterless toothpaste by 7th April 2018.

The next big thing Clensta is working on is their formula for creating a waterless shampoo that can also work as a mosquito repellent and keep the user safe from diseases like Dengue and Malaria. This product will be formulated only using organic ingredients and vitamins, that can keep mosquitoes away for one to two days.

Reach, Pricing and Future Aspects

As mentioned earlier, Clensta Waterless Products were initially launched with the idea of selling it on to a B2B platform. Hence, the main focus for team Cleansta was organizations like Defence, Navy, Airforce, Hospitals, Space Centres, Schools, Colleges, Railways and similar other sectors. However, that does not mean it won’t be available for the consumer market for a long time. “We are working on the online sale. It might take another 3-6 months,” says Puneet.

The core teams members of Clensta like Dr. Ashish Pandey (Ph.D, IIT Delhi), Dr. V.M. Chariar (IIT-Delhi), Dr. Anurag Rathore (IIT-Delhi), Jatin Dogra, Mohit Chelani (IIM-Calcutta) and Abhinav Guru (NSIT-Delhi), have already began their research and planning to extend the product into more and more markets and make the product available to every individual, all around the world.

Currently, the price for Clensta Waterless Shampoo is decided to be INR 499/- per bottle and the Clensta Waterless Body Bath would cost INR. 549/- per bottle. This price is quite competitive as other than saving approximately 350 litres of water, this 100ml bottle can be easily used for multiple bath regimes. In short, for a complete bath, you would only require maximum 25ml of the waterless bath product.

Clensta is following a strong networking with some top pharmaceutical product distributors to make their products reach the maximum. They are already into shipping their waterless products to the Indian Defence sector and are into discussions with top Navy officials, for their products to be used in Navy’s Submarine Operations.

The journey doesn’t end here, Clensta’s dedicated team is exploring the strategic partnership options to bring out more innovative products for the welfare of the society as a whole.

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