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Hygiene Tips For Backpackers

Good personal hygiene tips for backpackers

For whatever reason, it tends to associate the figure of the backpacker as that of someone not attentive to good personal hygiene. It is true that many times the conditions that you face when you travel with the right are what they are, and it is not easy to stay clean, but it is also true that the vast majority of travelers tend to take care of this aspect. Here are some good personal hygiene tips for backpackers:

1. Control your weak points

Each person is different and each one of us has our own shortcomings. At the level of good personal hygiene, the same thing happens. Nobody better than us knows our weak points: foot odor, armpit odor, extreme sweating and so on.. If you know your feet smells, try to hide it. If you sweat a lot, shower more or try to keep Clensta Waterless Shampoo with you, so that you can clean your foot anywhere you feel like. Also, using shampoo on foot can soothe your foot making it soft, shiny and of course fragrant.

Change your shirt frequently; If you smell your armpits, wash them more often and use more deodorant. If you face water scarcity, remember you can use your Clensta Waterless Bath or Clensta Waterless Shampoo for multiple purposes. If your have bad breath, brush your teeth more often and do not forget chewing gums.

2. Cut your hair, nails and shave your beard

Another of the great secrets to maintain good personal hygiene of the backpacker is to go through the hairdresser before leaving on a trip. The reasons are several: more freshness, less dirty surface, faster showering and more.

Just like hair, it is also interesting to go lightweight beard and even body hair in general. I’m not saying that you represent yourself like a water polo player, but unloading a bit of the hair on your whole body makes things a lot easier.

The same is with the nails, keep them short because in that they grow a little you will begin to collect all the dirt of the environment. Remember, no matter how good you smell, black nails give a very bad image.

3. Control clothes

Take enough clothing with you, making sure you always have clothes to change. Do not play it until the last garment because it is not nice to put on a used sock again.

4. Do not miss an opportunity to stay clean

If, you travel improvising, it is very likely that more than one day you will end up somewhere where you can not shower. For this reason, you should not waste any opportunity to give you a little freshness. If you do not know what your next stop will be, take a shower before embarking on your first stop. You never know when or where the next one will be. In case you miss it, Clensta Waterless Bath can be a great alternative for a complete shower. Just 25 ml of Clensta Waterless Bath can give you the freshness equal to a complete shower.

5. Good personal hygiene during the meal

Food is one of the points that can cause the traveler most problems, especially in certain tourist destinations. Our “posh” stomachs are accustomed to a certain type of diet and a specific way of cooking, and it is not uncommon to face stomach issues in new areas.

So with food you have to be meticulous and keep some precautions:

  • Do not drink tap water, it may or may not be treated.
  • Avoid ice and other foods / drinks made with water without boiling
  • Take care of street food stalls and do not eat food without cooking or disinfecting.

In short, It’s a matter of getting carried away but without ignoring common sense.

6. Wash your hands frequently

Mother’s advice When you leave your country you are especially vulnerable to bugs from abroad, and washing your hands frequently can help you avoid problems. In case you do not see any water availability, Clensta Waterless Bath can be your saviour. And not only before each meal but in a habitual way try to keep your hands clean.

Maintaining good personal hygiene for the backpacker is a discipline that has its art. But if you learn and apply these tips I assure you that you will enjoy your adventures much more than you ever thought.

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