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Importance Of Good Personal Hygiene To Develop Positive Self-Esteem

Daily personal hygiene and sanitation practices should be a routine for all people to stay healthy. Although it sounds obvious many are unaware of the benefits of good body cleansing, which helps us both with our health and with our appearance. Even though hygiene plays a crucial role in maintaining public health, it was not a part of any MDG targets or indicators for a long period of time. According to a data published by UNICEF, In 2015, out of 195 countries, only 70 had a comparable data on the basic handwashing facilities (like water and soap) availability. This data shows places like Namibia, Angola, Zambia, Sudan, Yemen, and Pakistan has not more than 50% coverage with basic facilities for handwashing.

This clearly indicates the importance of awareness about personal hygiene in almost all parts of the world. When we know the importance of personal hygiene and sanitation practices we are able to make the most appropriate decisions regarding methods and products for our personal use.

Personal hygiene and sanitation practices

The main purpose of hygiene is to prevent diseases and maintain a good appearance since this is a very important aspect at the social level. People with bad breath or the bad body odor do not have the acceptance of others in the society.

Personal hygiene and sanitation practices can be divided according to the area or action that we perform, according to the Mayo Clinic, these are the types of hygiene that we commonly practice:

  1. Shaving: refers to the removal of hairs from certain areas of our body.
  2. Bath: serves to sanitize the body in its entirety.
  3. Washing: involves cleaning hands before handling food, using the bathroom or cleaning wounds
  4. Brushing: it is oriented to oral hygiene, to prevent dental diseases and bad breath.
  5. Deodorants: it is the application of products destined to maintain the cleaning and/or avoid the bad smell during the day.

How can good personal hygiene help develop positive self-esteem?

Hygiene varies with each person, depending on the habits acquired since childhood, that is why it is important to highlight its importance and continuous practice from an early age so that in the adult life cleaning habits are maintained; since it is of utmost importance to maintain health and enhance the public image.

Remember, a positive public image is also an important aspect of developing a healthy self-esteem. Self-esteem is shaped through the evaluations that people make of themselves based on the thoughts, experiences, and feelings that they have been collecting throughout their lives from the people and events surrounding them. This influences the respect one feels towards oneself and in the confidence in one’s own abilities.

People with low self-esteem are people who do not believe they deserve happiness, they feel they do not have enough skills, abilities or resources to ‘deserve to be happy’ and it is closely related to feelings of inferiority

On the contrary, people with a healthy self-confidence trust in their resources, in what they are capable of doing, thinking and feeling, and this allows them to believe they are able to face and interact with the world, provide solutions and ideas and bring about positive changes in them and what surrounds them. In short, If I value myself positively, I know my strengths, and I also acknowledge my achievements and accept my mistakes, since I feel I have the ability to get up after the fall, I will go ahead and look for strategies to not fall again with the same stone.

Among other essential keys of positive self-esteem like a positive vision, continuous development and sense of responsibility, personal hygiene and sanitation practices are also important. Good personal hygiene and sanitation practices provide a more pleasant perception of oneself, fosters a positive mood and brings a greater sense of happiness. So, if you want to have a positive attitude towards life, it is very important to destroy all negative habits and adopt the healthier ones. Maintaining personal hygiene do not allow any excuse to intervene in the process. Even if you living in extreme conditions where you do not have access to water and soap, you can always use cleaning products like a waterless shampoo or a waterless body wash.

Also, if you feel ugly or less than others and act in this way, you will only accentuate your flaws more. Since you do not feel pretty and you think you will never be, you will not worry about your body image and do not fix it, you will not even care about your clothes and your hygiene.

The lack of personal hygiene and sanitation practices if not taken care at the right time, becomes a serious problem. Not only for the unpleasantness of a bad appearance or bad smells but for the danger of transmitting viruses and germs to other people. So, if you strive to look good and stay well, you should start focusing on your daily hygiene habits.

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