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Must-have personal hygiene practices for everyone

Good personal hygiene practices are a life-saving feature that any human being can endorse. Good hygiene would help you stay clean, eat clean, stay clean and make a clean environment. No matter how clean it might look, unfortunately, the human body is prone to many diseases due to unhygienic water. It is vital to maintaining a personal hygiene regimen. Let us know about some of the fundamentals of personal hygiene.

  1. It is imperative to clean yourself after defecating. Most of the harmful bacteria and other micro-organisms arise from foul matter.  Always wash your hands thoroughly before and after eating.
  2. Take a bath or a shower every day. This is the best process that can clean you from tip to toe. However, people residing in arid climates might not be able to have this facility due to lack of water. Alongside, people who are out for camping, patients in hospitals, military posted in adverse environment and people living in the sub-zero temperatures are also prey to non-availability of water resources. The best ways to maintain personal hygiene in such situations are to use waterless body baths and waterless shampoos.

The Clensta waterless bath and Clensta waterless shampoo are such products that can help you clean the dirt, dust, oil and other harmful microparticles without using water. Dr. Puneet Gupta, the founder of Clensta International, claims that a bottle of 100 ml of this waterless body bath and waterless shampoo is going to save 350 litres of water on an average. One just has to rub the solution until it lathers and clean it off with a tissue paper, a piece of cloth or towel. Isn’t that a significant discovery?

  1. “Brush your teeth twice daily” is reminded continuously of us since childhood in many tv commercials, hoardings, by our teachers, parents and almost everyone. Whatever food we consume, is digested one it is swallowed in. However, some chunks remain stuck in our teeth. That helps to form bacteria resulting in damaged teeth and gums. It further hampers whatever we eat by infecting it.
  2. Try to wear clean clothes that are well washed and well ironed. This facility, however, is not enjoyed by many. So, it is advisable to clean undergarments every day. Also, hang your clothes out in the sun, or in the open air to remove maximum germs.
  3. There is a famous quote that goes; “you are what you eat.” No matter how repeated this process is, always clean the knife and the vegetables and fruits before cutting. The chemicals put in for better harvesting of crops, the warehouse and transportation and storage conditions spoil the outer layer of the food. It is the best place for any microorganism to multiply itself.

Other fundamental personal hygiene tips include trimming the nails, keeping the public and household toilet clean. Covering the mouth before sneezing coughing is an excellent etiquette to practice. These tips not only prevent the spreading of germs but also displays a sense of manners while in public.

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