Sep 24

Military Sanitation and Hygiene Problems. Let’s save the “Jawans,” while they are protecting us

 “Sanitation is only related to dirt and filth” is a misconception. Sanitation signifies the traits which you use to keep yourself healthy.

It is evident that we stay safely because of our military forces. They are always in a standby mode so that we can sleep. So, they act as a wall around the borders in adverse situations in the air, water, and land. We know that they are always combat ready and they are our superheroes. Have we ever thought how terrible it is for our superheroes to stay clean? They are standing in the swampy lands in the Sundarbans, and also in the scorching heat of Munabao, Rajasthan. They are making themselves comfortable in the Siachen, and they are floating from the trees in the Dantewada. One thing in common is present in all of these situations have. Any guesses? Let me tell you. It is the sanitation due to a shortage of water.

We cannot live without taking a bath or at least a wash even for a single day. However, imagine, how these soldiers have to go for weeks without taking a bath. The worse is yet to come., they have to defecate in the open with least possibilities to wash or clean. So, many of the bacteria, protozoa, and viruses which are the leading causes of human infection gets produced due to the contaminated soil and their feces. Malaria, a very deadly disease caused by mosquitoes which carry such protozoa and infects anyone it bites. It is no more news, but a fact that out of the 4.38lakh malarial deaths in the world in 2015, India contributed to being the 3rd highest.

Microorganisms are also the reason why many skin diseases happen, and it spreads. So, any action that sabotages the health of our soldiers is not healthy at all. This is because, it will make them weak and furthermore, it will make all of us vulnerable. It does not sound emotional enough, but I wish I could have played a sad tune with this statement. However, let me show you another event that will move your heart. Soldiers not only fight to save the country, but they also resist shaving and taking a bath for months, deliberately in the submarines so that they can avoid wastage of water. They use talcum powders to prevent athletes foot and rashes.

Touched by the facts, Dr. Puneet Gupta, founded Clensta, a waterless body bath, and shampoo. With his team, he was able to create a product that can wash off all the microbes, dirt and filth from the body without the help of a single drop of water. 100 ml of the body bath saves 350 liters of water, which is a significant discovery. Not only will it help in keeping our soldiers clean and disease free, but also always combat ready. After the application of the waterless body bath, they just need to use it with a dry cloth, and they are free from all the residue.

Dr. Puneet proudly says healthy soldiers would contribute better to keep us safe. The personnel is our asset, let us treat them in the way we treat our assets.

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