Sep 25

How personal hygiene can stop our development; space stations and astronauts edition

Imagine if we have no more updates from the out of the Earth! We may no more get any new updates about the galaxies and planets. What more; We would not be able to use google maps, connect with someone over the phone or watch our favorite shows on TV. However, the matters can worsen further. We would not have any knowledge what’s going on in the earth. We would never be having any alert on climate, tsunami, earthquake, weather and many essential reports. This will become the most prominent reason due to which it would be difficult for us to stay alert and prevent ourselves from any such climatic changes. Moreover, this is a fact that we cannot avoid any calamity if it is not monitored.

Space and aeronautics organizations around the world send their experts into space and any other extra-terrestrial place regularly. Sometimes, these astronauts have to stay over there for months. Staying in spaceships hampers their hygiene a lot. Due to limited water resources, they are unable to take a shower, brush their teeth, wash even or adequately maintain the basic sanitation regimen. Despite the highly hygienic environment, the astronauts have to suffer from various health problems if they do not take care of their hygiene.

Imagine you have to wear an entirely loaded spacesuit, with helmets heavy boots. After getting all these gears, you are left into a zero-gravity environment where it is even difficult to sit, stand or to rest your foot on the ground. After all this, you have to take care of your hygiene so that the microorganism does not spread and make you and others fall sick. The thought in itself is bone chilling. It is even more complicated for them to clean themselves in such scenarios and change their clothes regularly.

The astronauts have to wipe their body clean with a wet towel. The usage of waterless shampoo is also common. However, they can do these chores decidedly less often. This allows the microorganisms to form and multiply rapidly due to the zero-gravity environment. Due to lack of water storage, they wear a particular pair of clothes for a while; then they have to dispose of their clothes because they cannot be washed properly.

Dr. Puneet Gupta has spent much time with people who set for such missions. He has understood how critical it is for them to keep themselves healthy so that we are not cut-off from all the minute details that they pass on to earth for our development. His team along with him have led the foundation of Clensta International. Clensta international provides waterless body bath and waterless shampoo solutions. These waterless body bath and waterless shampoo are very much capable of removing the dirt, dust, oil and other harmful micro-organisms. One has to rub this solution to their body until it lathers. After that, clean it off with a tissue paper or a dry towel. Dr. Gupta adds; “The most interesting fact is that 100 ml of these solutions help you save 350 liters of water.”

Personal hygiene is essential whether one is on earth or in space. It is evident that we need our space scientists, astronauts, and other space experts intact and always healthy so that we can develop appropriately.   

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