Sep 27

Running Water: A luxury in high altitude areas when the temperature goes down to -40°

Imagine if you have to live in an icy region at a temperature below 0-degree Celsius, for a week. Undoubtedly, It is spine-chilling thought. Having said this, just think of the folks who live in the freezing areas at a temperature below -40 degrees. Science has given all the explanation on how hard it is to live in such places.

Even though the human body has its mechanism to fight against cold, it is not suitable for homo sapiens to live in sub-zero temperature for an extended period. There are many problems that a person who is living there has to face. They have to wear layers over layers of clothes all the time. They are fully covered while working while sleeping or for twenty hours every day of the week. There is a limited possibility of vegetation over there. To add a cherry on the top, people living in a high altitude icy region is like a punishment to humanity. However, it is a fact that where people have reached, they have started residing and this is inevitable.

The people living in such conditions have to face many challenges on a daily basis. They cannot enjoy their lives like you and me can do. Food, shelter, travel, schooling, medical treatments, and all the facilities are insufficient over there.

However, come what may, people can live with water for long in any given environmental situation. But not in the high altitude area where the temperature is below – 40-degree Celsius.

Now let’s talk about the most significant problem; the scarcity of water. Have you ever seen footage where someone throws a mug of boiling water through his or her window, and the water turns into a mist or snow before it even leaves the mug? Water freezes at zero degrees Celsius. This scientific phenomenon is a challenge in itself. Therefore the people residing in icy areas face a problem of many skin-borne diseases because they can’t wash their body as much a someone living in the tropical regions might do. It is still a secondary matter for them because they need to save water for consumption and not washing their hands or face all the time. They face regular problems of skin diseases, due to the unhygienic environment caused by the acute shortage of water.

Clensta International, led by Dr. Puneet Gupta and his team have found waterless body baths and shampoos for people who suffer a scarcity of water or want to save water. This waterless body bath and shampoo are to be used in a minimal amount as a 100 ML bottle are sufficient to protect almost 350 liters if water. One just has to take a small amount of this solution, rub it against the desired place to wash and then dry it off with tissue paper or a piece of cloth. It forms enough lather to clean the dirt, dust, oil and other microparticles which are very harmful to our body.

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