Oct 03

Logistical restrictions of usable water on board in submarines

Can you imagine staying underwater for many days with limited food, and access to the mainland? There is almost zero connectivity to anyone back home for months and also have many risks including the risk of death. It is one of the most remarkable and risky jobs that the Navy personnel have to perform. Submarines are unique in its ways; they can remain underwater without any external support. The submarines are updated with the latest technologies to fulfil the duties it is there for. They can track, monitor and attack anything that they find out is a threat.

However, one of the most significant challenges faced by the navy is the maintenance of personal hygiene inside the submarines. Although there are many distillation processes which can desalinate the water for consumption, it is also a fact that they try to save much fresh water as a significant amount of energy and resources are consumed by the machinery for water conversion.

According to the personal hygiene army regulation, it is stated how army personnel will follow the guidelines to keep themselves clean and follow hygiene in and around themselves. They need to take care of their basic personal hygiene so that they do not fall into the trap of any medical complications. Brushing teeth daily, taking a shower or a bath thoroughly, cleaning everytime one defecates, or uses the toilet are some of the basic routines that a human has to follow.

However, along with the state of mind to save water, maintaining hygiene is quite a challenging task, since both of them are necessary. Waterless bath and waterless shampoo is an excellent option for the Navy personnel in such case. Clensta International has taken the initiative to find a unique solution for maintaining the health and hygiene by making a solution used as a waterless body bath and waterless shampoo. This solution is capable of saving a significant amount of water and yet keep your body clean and healthy. You just have to take a sufficient amount of drops in your hand and rub it gently. Once the lather is formed, clear it off with the help of a tissue paper, dry towel, and a clean cloth. No water is required to wash this off, and it is entirely free of toxic materials. It removes all the dirt particles, the oil and the germ particles from the body.

Dr Puneet Gupta very proudly says that the best feature of this product is that a hundred ml of this solution can save 350 litres of water. Since every member of the submarines is concerned for the saving the water, they also need to protect their health simultaneously. Thinking of keeping oneself hygienic without even a single drop of water is impossible to imagine. Well, Dr. Gupta nd team has made the possible, impossible. It is a unique product that can be carried and used anywhere any moment and for innumerable times. If saving water is the motto, Clensta waterless body bath and waterless shampoo would act as a saviour.

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