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Alarming Pollution in Beijing

Alarming Pollution in Beijing

Why is the Pollution so alarming in Beijing? How to maintain good hygiene there?

Somewhere in the month of December, Beijing faced an experience of bad air smell, and that is when the capital got issued its first-ever red alert for pollution level. The situation got so worst that the schools and offices were cancelled for next three days, the half of the cars were pulled off from the road, the ongoing construction was halted outdoor, and the streets alerted to shut down the barbeque stalls. The newspaper headlines were “we all can wait for the wind to come.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) has approved the maximum exposure of 25 micrograms per cubic metres of PM2.5 wherein the air pollution particles are smaller than 2.5 micrometres in diameter those are quite unhealthy and dangerous for the health of human. However, in 2014-15, the average no of micrograms in Beijing was increased to 100 micrograms per cubic metre which were the reported data in US embassy.

The top leaders in China have taken a vow in 2016 to make the improvement in the environment and to make it as their top priority by promoting the benefits of an ‘ecological civilization’ along with the economic growth. Since that time, they have an investment in many development plans with many public speeches to make the people aware of the condition, and the understand urgency to improve. They have also started to penalize the small local authorities for not following the pollution guidelines.

Even after all the efforts done by the government of China, Beijing continued to suffocate the people in and around the country. The most optimistic person they are used to feel that clean is many years out from today and working with the raging water, and the pollution is soil will take even more time that they can think of.

China has always been famous for doing things on the extra large scale when it is required. At the time of Olympics 2008, they worked on the subway so aggressively and efficiently that their system became better than that of New York in few years. Then why the government of China is taking too long to achieve the goal of “Blue Sky? Even after understanding the fact that Beijing is the capital of the nation which they have to showcase to prove China’s development.

While working for the free skies in the month of September 2017, the government gave the order to shut down more than 10,000 factories and 9,000 ongoing construction sites in Beijing. Due to this bold and sudden decision, the economy of China suffered a lot. The central government of China claims as if they want something, but in reality, they want something else. This has made the clean-up of the air pollution ever more complicated than it seems to be.

To fix the problems in both developed and developing countries, the project to clean up the air in Beijing and the surrounded countries has been initiated. This is evident that pollution is arising because of urbanization in the country but is not the only way. It also comes from the left behinds. One of the reporter posted that the significant chunk of pollution in Beijing started during the national holidays in October where farmers were burning straw every time after the harvest. This is an illegal practice to remove the unwanted materials after the harvest and get rid of the leftover in the field.

Life beneath the dome is not bearable. When the dome clears out, it will leave people of the city with no other choice but to ignore the pollution around and try to have a healthy life by building a comfortable existence. As per the fashion trend in China which comes and goes very quickly, this unique one seems to stick around unlikely.

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