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Global Warming and Personal Hygiene

Global Warming and Personal Hygiene

Pollution today is everywhere on the earth and is happening in every single second of the day. It is present in every city, every town, every state.  It can be easily found in cars, homes, electronics, natural disaster and even in hygiene products. Pollution is a poison for anything and everything. People today should start taking initiatives and start taking care of the surroundings. We have to struggle hard to preserve our resources today for the next generations to live a happy life in future.

We need to stop

the further destruction to save our planet from the pollution. Clean and consumable water is the necessity for everyone. We assume that all of us will wake up tomorrow with the water to drink, water to bathe and the water for the household chores. However, that can change any time in future. We do hear the news wherein thousands of people are dying because of air pollution; millions of people are dying because of water pollution but yet were are sitting and doing nothing about it.

Understanding and underlining the problem at an early stage,

we can change and reverse the pollution process. By ignoring this thing, we are digging our own grave wherein we are not only risking our chances of survival but also affecting the quality of life.

People living in the cities are more exposed to the different kind of pollution which leads to the diseases like asthma, blood pressure, skin disease, heart problems, malaria, dengue and many more. Due to both air and water pollution, we are prone to have cancer as well.

Today the personal hygiene in beauty products are also no longer safe to use. Many of these have a direct impact on the environment due to the harmful chemicals and hazardous ingredients which may depend on the type of packaging.

Even a single look at the ingredients of these beauty and hygiene products can give you a clear picture of the level of hazardous item it may contain. Few of the examples are acrylamide, formaldehyde and ethylene oxide which is found in the products like bleach, hair color, hair relaxer, nail art, nail treatments and skin lightening products. Also, dibutyl phthalate or DBP which is seen in nail paint and nail paint removers.

The little lipstick can be a matter of concern as it contains synthetic colors, human made oils, and petroleum-based waxes. To deal with this, we need to be aware of the product ingredients and packaging materials.

We should use these products wisely to reduce their impact on the environment.
  •  Start purchasing only the material which is required. Do not go for the bulk order, instead, choose what you need to buy.
  •  The products should be appropriately stored. It should be beyond the reach of sunrays and should be covered with led firmly on it.
  •  The empty packages/item/material should be disposed of immediately.
  •  The hairspray, deodorants and other aerosols products contain Volatile Organic Compounds which changes the state from liquid to gas in minutes. These are also the known harmful elements that may irritate your lungs and creates many other health problems.

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