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7 Ways to skip a Shower and Maintain Good Hygiene

7 Ways to skip a Shower and Maintain Good Hygiene

Skipping a bath does not require a reason every time. It happens when you are in a rush or when you do not feel like taking a shower. The important point here is that you do not want to offend someone with your odour and smell. Taking a bath every day is not important but keeping good personal hygiene without even taking a bath is essential.  There are few tips here which will help you to maintain good health without any odour.

#1 applying deodorant at night

Deodorants are usually preferred to use in the nights, right after the shower. The deodorants and antiperspirants work with the minimum moisture on the body. The moisture is minimum in your body when you sleep. The minimal moisture means less physical activities and sweating. This was explained by one of the Dermatologic surgeon Joel Schlessinger M.D. Hence it is the right time to apply the deodorant to wake up fresh.

#2 spray some hair perfume

As the name suggests, hair sprays are to have fragrance in hair. Unlike the deodorants, these are specially designed for your hairs which doesn’t let your hair dry out. It removes the unwanted smell and keeps the hairs fresh for the more extended period.

#3 scrub your feet with soap to feel fresh

The feet are the primary zone which most of the people forget to take care of. It attracts more and more bacteria as compared to any other part of the body. Hence it is essential for you to clean the feet every day even if you do not take a bath. Clean them with soap and dry them as soon as you come out to avoid the contact of bacteria again.

#4 Time to skip the skinny clothes

When you jump your daily bath, try to skip the skinny garments as well. The warm and sweaty areas of the body start smelling faster in comparison to the other body parts. The combination of both leads to very unpleasant smell which can be embarrassing for you many times. The groin is one of the areas which can start smelling very easily. Therefore, by wearing the lightweight clothes, your body can easily breathe.

#5 Make dry products best friend

In today’s era, the waterless bath is already famous and in use by a specific group of people like astronauts, healthcare, hikers, military, mountaineers and others who have no reach to potable water. One such revolutionary waterless solutions by Clensta International. They have introduced waterless shampoo, waterless body wash, and waterless hand wash. In cases where we are skipping our regular baths, this can be beneficial. It helps to kill the bacteria, clean dirt, dust and oil and maintain proper hygiene. You can forget the embarrassment of the body odour as it keeps you fresh throughout the day. Saving water is also a way we can look at it where running water is not available every time, this can be your best friend.

#6 the correct way to use perfumes

As we have seen, people spray perfume on their wrist and then mix it with the other wrist; this is not correct. It dilutes the fragrance, and it will not last for a long time. Instead, we can apply perfume to certain parts of the body without missing it like, wrist, neck, elbow as these areas are warm which helps the fragrances to go for the more extended period. Another important factor is that is should always be used after the shower of the dry bath as the moisture holds the aroma for all day long.

#7 De-scent your shoes

As mentioned earlier, feet are the part of the body which accumulate more bacteria and odour. To reduce the odour from the shoes and keep it dryer, you can use baby powder in it. This also helps in preventing the multiplication of the bacteria. A spray of deodorant can also be used to eliminate odour for some time.

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