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Secret Air Pollutants

Secret Air Pollutants

Secret Air Pollutants in our Houses ‘Claim Thousands of Lives’

Every year more than thousands of people are dying because of the impurity in the air and its poor quality. This pollution even includes the small pollutants from the day to day appliances and object in their houses.

As per a recent report, the air fresheners and the regular household products to clean are the primary sources of new healthcare scare which alerts you about the invisible threats in air pollution in our houses.

The same report claims that deaths due to the poor quality of air every year is around 40,000 with thousands of more deaths all over Europe.

All this while we have been profoundly working to know the reason of air pollution outside and are trying to minimize the same to the fullest. However, we have overlooked the several dangerous killers that live secretly in our houses, offices, and schools.

This will give you an alerting heads up that the day to day products in the kitchen, the fly sprays, open fires, incorrect boiler and even the air fresheners are equally devoting to poor the quality of the indoor air.

As per the report by Royal College of Physicians (RCP) and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) in 2018, the faulty boilers and heaters have dangerously potential, and killer carbon monoxide and the cooking and heating appliances have nitrogen oxides which when combined effects and our heart and lung gets damaged.

Also, many of the disturbing elements of the air pollution have been displayed and posed in the items like personal hygiene products, cleaning products air purifiers and DIY. These items are made of the chemicals which are commonly referred as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that starts in a liquid state and get evaporated in the air within few minutes.

In addition to that, there are few fabrics, furniture, furnishings, insulation, glue which emits formaldehyde vapour that gets spread in the air which can irritate the lungs. Furthermore, the biological materials present in the house like, dust mites, flecks of skin and fur, mould and animal dander can also lead to the harm in human health. They have also warned it that these can not only cause and temporarily irritation problem in your body but can cause a severe impact on kids and even elderly persons throughout their entire lifetime.

The few other significant effects of air pollution are miscarriage, asthma, increase in the heart attacks and heart strokes, dementia, diabetes, obesity and even cancer.

The chairman of report’s working party, Professor Stephen Holgate said that we had understood the substantial effects of air pollution which may lead to the chronic condition. He has also agreed that the new children are comparatively more exposed to asthma problem these days.

To identify and expose the target people to the air pollution, the children and people who are at more risk have been started monitoring. This has been strictly advised by Professor of Paediatric Respiratory and Environmental Medicine at the Queen Mary University of London and the Vice Chair of the working party, Professor Jonathan Griggs. He also added that the long-term risk with the air pollution has multiple ranges of disadvantageous signs in childhood during the early stage in life and can lead us to various dangerous situations including severe asthma.

Their team also researched to understand the basic understanding level of the kids who are exposed to the air pollution more. They had this survey in about 40 schools, and the children were around the age of 7 to 10. After carefully observing, they established that the children who have a higher risk of pollution exposure took actually a long time in solving the problems and were making more mistakes comparatively. On the day with high pollution, the researcher observed that the performance of the kids was even worse which was irrespective of the type of school they were in.

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