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12 Camping Beauty Tips

12 Camping Beauty Tips

You must be thinking that who takes care of the beauty when they are out on a wood camping? Hold on there! Think about the thousands of photos that you are going to click in the duration of your trip. Would you not want to look fabulous in those pictures so that you can keep them in your memory’s drawer for a lifetime? Now it makes sense. Here few tips which can help you to look your best even when your regular showers and hygiene facilities are miles away.

  •  Skin
  1.   Wipes to remove makeup: At times it is hard to wash your face at night especially when you are out on rough camping. These wet wipes work equally good when we want to clean dirt and oil from the face. It is a great way to wash your face without the availability of water.
  2.   Use waterless body wash: When the access to water is not around for miles, and you need to take off the dirt out of your body, try out the new waterless bath by Clensta International. This does not require water and but still, you can clean your body by removing the dust, dirt, oil, and harmful microorganisms. This product is entirely alcohol-free which makes it safer for use. It moisturizes your skin and maintains the pH level as well.
  3.   Sunscreen: When you are out, and the sun is shining bright and loud, sunscreen can save much tanning. Due to the ultraviolet rays of the sunlight, it damages your skin and darkens it at the same time. With the use of sunscreen, you can avoid that to a great extent.
  4.   Mascara: It is time to make your eyes talk. The use of mascara makes your eyelashes look beautiful, and the eyes look more attractive. Make sure that you use smudge proof mascara. Don’t forget to add this to your bag.
  •  Hair
  1.   Curl your hair: If you have straight hair, then curl it up lady, before you leave for the trip. The flat hair does not look nice and this way you will look different.
  2.   Waterless Shampoo: As mentioned earlier about the waterless body wash, Clensta International also took care of your hair by providing you the waterless shampoo. It has the same quality as the body wash and helps to remove dirt and oil from the hair without using water. The output of this gives you smooth and shiny conditioned hair for the whole trip.
  3.   Pigtails: You need to look less slicked back than a ponytail this time. Try to use a pigtail to avoid flat hair. Try to make your hairdo a little low.
  4.   Hat: This is the best way to be relaxed about your hairs and be in trend simultaneously. Your pictures will have a different persona if you wear a hat.
  •  Clothes
  1.   Yoga Clothes: In addition to your jeans and t-shirts, you should pack yoga t-shirt. The best part is they are synthetic and gets dry faster if required.
  2.   Flannels: These are the quintessential t-shirts especially for camping purpose. They are very light wear and are the perfect choice to wear at night besides the campfire.
  3.   Tank Tops: They should be packed as well for trips as the racer back bras work well under these tops.    
  4.   Flip flops: Adding more to the hiking boots, a pair of flip flops should be considered which can be useful when we step of the tents. They are reliable, comfortable, and cute and don’t get dirty quickly.

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