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Keep Hairs Clean at Music Festival

Keep Hairs Clean at Music Festival

Don’t you feel yourself under pressure when you have to look good in music festival? When you have planned to go to an outdoor music festival during summer, you prepare yourself for getting dirty. One thing we have to keep in mind that we do not have to become the festival fashion mistake.

The last thing to focus on the festival fashion and for the beauty puzzle is hair which isn’t easy to get it right. Healthy hair is not a fun music festival but keeping greasy hair seems to be the right choice. The music festival is planned in summers so it is hot out there and the festival is going to last for three-four days with the restricted availability of showers. However, that is okay as the whole body goes through enough physical stress so hair cannot be an exception. It is very challenging to keep your hair stylish and healthy at the same time but isn’t impossible.

o    Save your last shower

The moment you will come out of the shower, realise one thing that is your last shower for as long as you are in the festival, so save it. Take time to clean yourself and treat yourself nicely because your body and hair will not be this clean for many days ahead.

o   Forget the hair products at home

Forget about the hair products that you use to style your hair at home. This may include hair spray, hair serum, oil or mousse. Automatically your hair will become greasy by the end of the first day so even if you will use any of these products it will not help and on the other hand it will weigh down your hair and will make it look awful.

o   Do Not forget Waterless Shampoo

You can spare the rest of the hair products but the waterless shampoo. This will act as a saviour to your hair there. The best product for this is Clensta International waterless shampoo which contains no alcohol. It removes the dirt and oil from the hair and smoothens your hair. It does not require water to wash your hair but can be easily applied to dry hair for an instant look.

o   Brush your hair daily

Before and after using the waterless shampoo, it is recommended to use comb your hair properly to avoid the untangled hair and the pain around it. Brushing your hair every day will at least keep your hair evenly distributed and can prevent from massive knots towards the end.

o   Wear bandanas and hats

To not touch your hair, wear bandanas and hats. These are a logically correct choice as well. Bandana will help the sweat from coming in your eyes. On the other hand, the cap will keep the sun out of your eyes.

o   Get ready for even worst when you reach home

I can assure you that you would not have had such pleasant shower than this ever in your life after this music festival that lasted for several days. Get yourself prepared to rinse off your body from all the dirt and mud. Moreover, there will come the point where you have to deal with your tangled hair. Make sure that you use a heavy-duty spray to detangle your hair with one of those wide tooth combs.

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