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How Personal Hygiene Helps Control Diabetes

How Personal Hygiene Helps Control Diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that makes the body vulnerable to chronic infection. Once one is infected, it becomes complicated for the doctors to treat the disease. So, to prevent any contamination, diabetic patients should take care of the personal hygiene to the fullest. The hygiene behaviour should be adequately brought into practice to prevent the transmission of infection. Just like any other individual, a person with diabetes should also take care of the personal hygiene, but a little more.

There are many ways safe, effective, and cost-effective ways to prevent the transmission of harmful infections.

A person who has diabetes should:

Brush teeth regularly

It is advised to brush the teeth after every meal. However, like every other individual, a person who has diabetes should brush their teeth twice daily at least. Doctors even recommend having proper dental hygiene and checkup after every three to six months. This is because whatever we eat is stuck in our mouth in the teeth and tongue. If not taken care of, the formation of cavity starts, which further decays the tooth and weakens of gums. This further result in the tooth-fall. So, we know that diabetes requires good eating habits. Now if we do not have good oral hygiene, we can never cope up with our diabete


Bathing is a must for diabetes patients. However, the use of too much of soap and water also causes dry skin. This is because of higher levels of glucose in the body causing the loss of moisture and fluid from the skin. Micro and large cracks appear in the skin causing it to itch making it vulnerable to open wounds that can rarely be seen through open eyes. Moreover, thus, dry skin is one of the leading causes of skin infection. Clensta International has taken the initiative to form waterless body bath and waterless shampoos.

These waterless products not only save water but also rejuvenates skin and prevents it from getting damaged further. Dr. Puneet Gupta, the founder of Clensta international says that it washes off the non-essential oils from the body. He also adds to it that a 100 ml of this product save 350 litres of water. Which means, people living in arid conditions should get the benefit of using waterless body bath and waterless shampoo without any hesitation

Foot hygiene

Arteriosclerosis is a disease that can quickly happen to people who have diabetes. If the foot is not washed correctly, a small would, or infection can lead to gangrene and hence amputation. So, it is indispensable to have clean feet specially for diabetes patients

Clean reproductive organs

Urinary tract infection is a problem that people with diabetes tend to have, especially women. So, it is essential to clean the crotch area especially the reproductive parts every time one goes for a toilet or have a sexual relationship. There are many products like VWash that are specially made for intimate hygiene.

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