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Why schools should teach Personal Hygiene?

Why schools should teach Personal Hygiene?

Personal hygiene; a great thing to be taught in schools

Schools are the places where one spends most of their formative years. From a very little age of 3 up to mid-teens or late teens, school is the next place after home, where they spend their maximum time. So, if the habit of personal hygiene is inculcated at a very tender age, it stays forever. A place like a school is very vulnerable to transmission of infections. Dr. Puneet Gupta, the founder of Clensta international; a waterless body bath and waterless shampoo fluid, shared few tips that shall be imparted to students since childhood.

  1.       Dealing with sickness: It should be mandatory for a student to stay back at home and get a proper medical checkup in case of any illness, illness or disease. This prevents transmission of the virus thus ensuring that no one else gets contaminated.
  2.       Making personal hygiene a fun activity- Children are great explorers and learners, says Dr. Gupta. If there is a fun way of doing anything, they will volunteer with their best. If personal hygiene classes are converted to fun and learning classes, they will adopt the behavior of maintaining personal hygiene. Teachers should come up with innovative ideas like odd-even roll number competitions, or cleanliness awards and many more.
  3.       Dental Hygiene- Students should learn the importance of brushing and flossing at a very tender age. It is a skill that becomes better with practice. Once mastered, one would never have a spoilt gum or teeth unless an external application of any unhygienic substance.
  4.       Bathing, maintaining a healthy skin- Although parents are too much involved in this activity, it is also the duty of the teachers to make the kids understand the importance of bathing. It removes maximum germs from the body and any body part that is exposed.
  5.       Cleaning the classroom, all the classroom belongings, and furniture- Keeping the classroom clean should be the part of the curriculum. This is because the kid that is sweeping the class today will not feel shy to keep his surroundings clean as an adult.
  6.       Nails, shoes, and uniform should be impeccable and clean- Rather than the kids, the parents must take care of the shoes, dress, and nails of a kid. However, these are the duties that should be owned as a habit by the kids as they grow up. Clean clothes, clean nails, clean shoes and clean socks are the part of excellent personal hygiene.
  7.       Handkerchief- The use of handkerchief should be taught by the teachers profoundly. While coughing, sneezing, yawning and picking the nose, instead of bare hands, the kids should be using the handkerchiefs.


Dr. Puneet Gupta, while remembering his days in school said; Although teaching the necessity of cleanliness and personal hygiene is very important, a kid should also be prepared for the benefits of it. It removes the shyness and ignorance once the kids grow into responsible citizens of the country.

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