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How to Maintain Personal Hygiene While Camping

The most challenging thing to manage while you are on a trip or camping is your personal hygiene. It does not matter whether the campsite has all the facilities like running water and clean washrooms or your camping is miles away from all the luxuries, keeping yourself clean is always a struggle. With all the poor modern practices we have become used to the dirt, germs bacteria, and grime which seem to be very friendly and attractive towards our body and hair. However, with the tips and trick and with small items, you can keep yourself healthy, clean and free from all the unpleasant odors while you are on camping.

  1.       Swab Yourself

    Just the daily bath is not the only way that you can keep yourself away from the germs, bacteria, and dirtiness. You may feel utterly disgusted without the availability of water. To avoid this situation, you can keep yourself a waterless shampoo, waterless body wash and waterless hand wash which don’t require the running water but still can keep you away from germs for 99.99 percent. It needs no time and a little dedication to keep you healthy. This type of waterless bath can be the best way when you are out camping and cannot rely on access to water.

  2.       Using the hand sanitizers

    Before packing your bag for chips and snacks for the way, don’t forget to carry a sanitizer. This prevents the harmful bacteria to get injected into your body via hands which is the most preferred way by these germs. Dirty hands can still go on, but illness on the campsite is not something which you planned for this camping.

  3.       Don’t wear your used clothes

    We understand that keeping your bag light enough for your trip is your goal but be sure that you have enough clothes to last the duration of the camping. It might be a mess to carry such heavy bags but waking up fresh the next morning with fresh clothes is well worth it. Don’t also forget to take the extra pairs of undergarments and socks as they have their high importance.

  4.       Bring a small shovel for yourself

    Wondering how a shovel can keep you clean on the campsite? The answer has just two words, bathroom breaks. There are high possibilities that you may get stuck in situations wherein there are no restrooms available nearby. The simple rule is to dig a new pot each time and dump your waste in the hole. Please be advised that you can do this by keeping a distance of a football’s court from the camping site.

  5.       Be prepared with toothpaste, toothbrush, and floss

    Keeping your mouth clean and odorless is also a part of your personal hygiene. This can offend and embarrass you in public. So when you are making the checklist for your trip, do not forget to add these. You can also carry a mouth spray for the mouth to keep the odor away while you are on the trip. Carrying chewing gums can also be one of the alternatives for the same.

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