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Importance of Hygiene around Pets

Importance of Hygiene around Pets

If you are handling pets in your household without maintaining their hygiene standards, you are very likely to attract the germs, parasite and other harmful microbes. Spending time with pets, playing with them, handling them has been categorized as the best pastime under the influence of which many of us overlook the potential hazards to our health. We have to understand now that there are steps which can be taken to control the germs spreading, from which you and your family will be safer and healthier.

Understanding the reasons to keep pets

People today are fond of keeping pets as they feel companionship with them. Sooner or later they become the member of our family. When we have kids, they play and entertainment each other, and with the help of these pets, we teach them many important factors of their lives which they will face in future like responsibility and kindness. Not just this, but they are a big-time stress reliever for the owner as well as the family around the pet.

Infectious Disease around pets

Many of these pets have germs and parasites which can be quickly passed on to us while playing and handling. Few of the diseases which can be spread by these germs from pets are ringworm, food poisoning, Lyme disease, and toxoplasmosis, and many more. These germs live in the pets which infect them and transfer from their bodies to ours when we come in contact with them. These infections can also lead to fever, diarrhoea and may also affect our organ. This can show the worst effect on a pregnant woman as these infectious diseases can have a significant impact on the unborn child.

How to maintain a hygiene standard

Wash your hands properly before and after contact with a pet or anything related to pet like tank, cage, and tray. This is to ensure at least that we will not spread the germs and parasite the animals might be carrying. As we teach many things to our children, we have to ensure that when we have pets, our priority is to educate the cleanliness around the pets and to maintain adequate hygiene. Be it in the house or outside the home; they should be encouraged to wash hands.

To wash the hands for both elders and children, you can use waterless hand wash which can even operate without water. It kills the maximum germs from your hand and does not let your skin dry. It is compact and can be easily carried out when you take your pets in the garden or maybe somewhere outside. This can be very useful for kids.

Keeping the pets away from the kitchen can also be used to eliminate the spread of germs. Like cats and dogs have their tray, fishes have tanks, the rabbit has hutches, and we can keep a reasonable distance between these and the kitchen. We also have to assure that these trays and containers and cleaned regularly to eliminate further hazards.

Use separate utensils for these pets and with separate water bowls and also further eliminates the germs. However, always remember, we are trying to maintain a distance from the bacteria and parasites, not the pets. So, at any moment, do not let your pets feel that they are being distanced, or not being loved anymore.

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