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5 critical tips for long hair

5 Critical Tactics for Camping With Long Hair

Going out on camping with long hair can be challenging at times. It requires much care before, while and after the camping. You should always be prepared with the tactics to deal with this concern before heading to your campsite.  Here are some tips to help you manage your hair while camping.

#1 Taking a proper sleep

When you go out for camping amongst those pines and several mosquitoes, you need to make sure that you take a proper good night sleep. It is essential to charge you up for your next hike in the morning. While you are sleeping, there are many things which you can tie your hairs with very quickly like Velcro, rusty zipper or maybe the random hanging strings. By taking a proper sleep ensures that you become ready for the next day adventure.

#2 Tie up your hair

While hiking, you are going get very sweaty and hot. You must be carrying your backpack that would have water, snacks and other essential things for your hiking. If you would keep your hair open, many things may get tangled in your hair which can later give you much trouble. To avoid this painful situation, braid your hair so that it does not absorb much dust and dirt and will not be tangled with anything as well. You can wash your hair before starting your hike with the waterless shampoo which helps to clean the dirt and dust from your hair without the access to water and makes your hair smooth and shiny. Dry it well. This will help you loosen up your hair with a fresh start of your hike.

#3 Long hair lids

Besides those dirty and sweaty clothes, a pair of the lid for locks will be one of the essential gears. The lid helps in keeping the sun away from your face and will hold your lures. It can also be useful during your small naps to block the rays on the lakeside.

#4 Dry your hair

In any of the worst-case scenarios where you happen to wet your hair erroneously, make sure you dry them properly. Even the sweat which is now absorbed into your hair making it wet needs to be dried out. Indeed, you will not have access to electricity there to dry your hair with a dryer. The best you can do to dry your hair is to cycle. Try and borrow a cycle from someone on the campsite and use it to dry your hair. In case you want to wash your hair deliberately to keep them clean, try to get the strands dry quickly.

#5 The bug repellent, your hair

Few essential oils like lavender, thyme, and mint are good agents to repel bugs. You have to rub these oils all over the exposed areas. This is going to save you from any harmful chemical usage as well. If essential oils used are used with dry shampoos, it can create a good spray. This smart act is going to save you money and health. You can use them as bugs repellent because the closer they get to you; the closer you are to illness. Moreover, you do not want to spoil your camping by getting ill.

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