May 15
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Tips For Women To Stay Fresh Without Showering

We all have experienced the unpleasant smell of somebody who has been out encamping for days and has not cleaned themselves. That smell makes you so uncomfortable to around those people who have not taken showers from days. You would wonder how can they not realize that they smell bad? However, anyway, the point is not to make them realize about it. The point is to keep yourself clean and fresh.

It is essential to keep your hygiene at the top even after skipping your shower. Let us discuss the ways we can stay clean and fragrant without showering.

What all will you require?

– 1-2 Hand towels
– Baby wipes
– Toothbrush and toothpaste
– Waterless shampoo, soap, hand wash
– Enough clean undergarments for one per day
– Hat
– Deodorant


Try to keep your hair tied or try a braid but don’t hold your hair open. The dirt and oil from your hands will directly or indirectly go to your hair making it more greasy than usual. Use waterless shampoo to clean your hair anytime even without the availability of water. It removes the dirt, dust, and oil from the hair and makes it smooth and shiny. To keep it clean for a few days, try wearing a hat or scarf.


Do not apply any lotions or sunscreens especially if they are scented as they attract more mosquitoes because of the fragrance. To wash face, try using waterless soap which removes the dirt from your face making your clean.


Do not forget to brush your teeth at any cost. The mouth odor can lead to a significant embarrassment for you. Try to carry a mouth freshener for extra fragrance and freshness.

Lady Parts:

The purpose of baby wipes is to clean your intimate parts. It is the girl’s best friend. Wipe it from front to the back. Use the intimate cleaner which is available in every medical shop. It helps to keep it clean and maintain the required pH level without any dryness or itchiness.


Long nails get dirty very quickly. It is better to cut them short to avoid the germs and dirt by which spreads infectious diseases. Use the waterless hand wash to clean it whenever required. It works as a sanitizer that removes the dirt without washing it from the water. Make sure that you at least wash your hands before and after eating. The waterless hand was doesn’t dry your hand and keeps it moisturized for hours.


Your feet attract the most of the germs and bacteria. It is critical to keep them neat and clean. Make sure that you keep and some extra pair of socks so that you do not have to reuse any one of them. You can also clean your feet with baby wipes from time to time. Avoid wearing shoes when you are sitting and let your feet relax for some time.

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