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Personal Hygiene Measures Necessary for Your Well-Being

Hygiene is essential for health because of microorganisms present all around us. These living organisms pass through one person to another or from any other organism as long as they find the conditions to grow and multiply as favorable.

Five personal hygiene measures

#1 Hand hygiene

The correct washing of hands prevents building of infections.

One should wash hands before eating, cooking, after going to the bathroom, or even after playing with your pet animal.

The easy way wash your hands are that you use soap on all the surfaces of your damp hands and rubbing the palms, the anterior parts, the fingers and wrists. Rinse hands with plenty of water and dry them with clean towels and disposable paper. Clean hands are a must for your daily activities. The infectious bacteria is prone to build through dirty hands.

The hands must have specific protection through the use of specialized gloves for the performance of work at risk.

#2 Corporal Hygiene

A daily shower is necessary for you to maintain personal hygiene and healthy living. A well shower body reduces the odors produced by perspiration or sweats are suppressed, and they avoid the presence of germs and bacteria. I case of situations with no water availability or inability to take a shower use waterless body bath and shampoo to maintain a shower routine.

#3 Oral hygiene

The use of a toothbrush for cleaning after all meals is essential for the prevention of cavities and infections. Food and drinks leave residues in the teeth that ferment.

Artificial dentures will be washed carefully after each meal to prevent infection and bad odor. Try avoiding sweets frequently because they favor cavities.

It is recommended to make periodic visits to the dentist. Having a healthy and careful mouth is necessary. Oral problems affect the whole body and generate diseases. Periodontitis or inflammation of the gums favors cardiovascular problems, respiratory problems such as pneumonia and increases the chances of kidney and pancreas cancer by up to 50%.

#4 Hygiene of the feet

It is convenient to wash them daily with soap and water and dry them with soft towels without forgetting to wipe between your fingers. The nails should be cut straight and never circular. Also, they must be lubricated with lanolin or oil but not between the fingers.

It is recommended to wear comfortable footwear and soft to measure, avoid wearing high heels and wear footwear with socks and stalking that are not too tight.

#5 Nasal hygiene

The nose lets the air in so that it reaches the lungs with the right temperature and humidity and free of foreign particles. The production of snot is a natural process that serves as a lubricant and filter for air, but it is necessary to remove them several times a day since they contain particles and microorganisms that can cause diseases.

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