Aug 28

Hygiene: Your image leaves a lot to be desired

Some people forget entirely that others read each of their actions and social behaviors. To know how delicate or decent and neat you are, look carefully and analyze each detail.

However, some people do not respond to social codes, that their houses end up being wineries of entire disorder, to the point of not knowing how to behave even in a public bathroom. Also in this space, more than one leaves much to be desired.

That is why experts on the topic of rules of coexistence and respect for the other, as well as protocol and etiquette, invite you to analyze and answer what message they are sending to others.

Key points that talk about you

  1.  Your nails: Remember that you use your hand to say hello, that you use your hands to write, to sign a document, to make a call. That is why they must look impeccable because they are exposed to everyone’s gaze. More than one man enjoys the spas of hands and feet. The fact that they do not wear sandals does not exempt them from their feet being perfect, without calluses or uneven or dirty nails.
  2. Their shoes: More than one woman concentrates on their garments, to choose her partner since many consider that just as a man wears his shoes, it will be his grooming. So, to make them look like a mirror.
  3. The aroma that emits: We are social beings, that is why cleaning is fundamental. Some people do not need perfume to smell good. That freshness is evident. So, do not forget an excellent spa in your shower. There are products of exfoliation, body oils which will make you look splendid. 
  4. Your mouth: Take care of your teeth, visit the dentist, say goodbye to bad breath and if that discomfort persists visit your general practitioner because they can be another type of problem. Help yourself with mints, chewing gum, products that will give your mouth a refreshing effect. 
  5. Your hair: There is no reason to wear unwashed, dirty, oily hair or as a fique. Even natural masks can help you look good. For fat, tips are as simple as applying sugar roots. Moreover, please, if you do not have money to dye your hair every two months, you better not do it. Keep your natural color.

    What are the basic principles of hygiene, which cannot leave anyone aside?

Undoubtedly daily body hygiene. This is a habit that must be part of the daily life of any person since always. Personal hygiene is an individual and intimate process in each one of us, which provides health. The use of some products that are within our reach contribute to this result corresponds to a harmonious and aesthetic presence in line with our lifestyles.

There are details that we must take special care of, such as oral hygiene; This part of the face is so visible to others that it must reflect excellent care and cleanliness of our teeth. Let’s not forget that smiling is our letter of introduction to others in all situations of our lives.

Because cleanliness, personal hygiene, and order are a permanent and constant imperative in all areas of our lives. These are the indicators that show who we are and what our education and culture is about it. No scenario excludes another; these habits must remain in every moment of our lives, regardless of whether we are in private or public environments.

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