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What are the problems of water in the world?

Water is essential for any developing country. Water is not only required for drinking but is requisite for urbanization, agricultural, industrial, personal cleaning, sanitation and other developments related to energy.  Without water, it is not easy for the people on the earth to survive. Though our planet has 70 percent of existing water, the question here is “Is it safe to use?” Looking at the figures today, out of every nine people, one suffers the lack of access to clean and safe drinking water; out of every three, only one has access to toilets. The irony today is that people have more mobile phones than the number of toilets.


The Women’s Healthcare Crisis

Women are directly affected by the crisis of water. In villages, they have to travel miles to get water from rivers or lakes so that they can prepare food for the family. Women spend 6 hours on an average in collecting water. Also, the poor sanitation problems around the villages and many cities restrict girl child to go to school. Due to the lack of water and poor sanitation, women are locked in a cycle of poverty.         

Encouraging more and more women is crucial to solving water-related issues. With the help of women, water projects can be 5 to 7 times more productive.

The Health Crisis

The availability of safe and clean water and proper sanitation can reduce multiple health issues that our world is facing right now. The access to safe water means less maternal mortality rates, less psychological stress, improved health for women and children, increased dignity for women, fewer deaths around the world due to water. Every year around 1 million people die due to water scarcity, sanitation, and hygiene-related issues.   

The Children’s Crisis

Today, out of every three schools one lacks in providing the proper sanitation and basic water needs. Because of the infectious water, children are suffering from multiple diseases which may further lead to death. Diarrhea has become the 3rd most significant cause of the deaths in children which spreads because of infectious water. Many children are not even getting a proper education because of lack of access to water and sanitation.

Food Crisis

For farmers, it is a big challenge as water is not sufficient for irrigation which will further put an end to the hunger soon. Both farmer’s and other people’s lives will be at stake if the irrigation is not done correctly. Many farmers today are attempting suicide as they do not have water and food for their families.

Sanitation Crisis

More than 1.2 billion people today have to discharge their waste in open areas. This spreads several infectious diseases which are acute in nature. More than 2.5 billion people today do not have access to toilets. Sanitation issues have now become so dangerous, especially for girls and women as they have to defecate in open which leads to many rapes and sexual assaults towards them.

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