Sep 11

Water Conservation- An Everyday Initiative

Planet Earth consists of seventy percent water. However, all of that is not for consumption.

The primary question and the very crucial need of the hour are why is it important to save water? Well, due to the global water statistics, it is speculated that by the year 2030, half of the population would be facing the problem of water scarcity in the world. Moreover, it is also expected that the next world war will occur on the issue of consumable water. It is essential to save water not only for the people who are suffering from a shortage of water but also for the people with an abundance of water.

There are many ways by which one can save water making the quote “save water save life save the world” successful. Let us know how can we do that.

  1. Conservation of water starts at home. Always tighten the tap to save every drop of water. Make sure that none of the valves is in bad condition. Get a plumber to fix the faucets whenever there is an issue.
  2. Due to water leakage, an average household can waste as much as ten thousand gallons of water per year. This is a report published by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Fix every leak as soon as possible to save an enormous amount of consumable water.
  3. While brushing your teeth, make sure the tap is closed after you wet the toothbrush. While shaving, try to use a mug of water and clean the residue from the razor in the same mug.
  4. Modern technologies have invented water-saving low flow showers. It optimizes the flow of water from the shower and is available at the cost of the regular ones. Moreover, try to take short showers.
    Other new technologies have invented solutions that can help you bathe without water. For example, Clensta International has made waterless body bath and waterless shampoos. Dr. Puneet Gupta, the founder of Clensta international, has spent much time in conditions where there was remarkably less water available even for the basic usage of cleaning after defecation. He has spent his time with the military personnel and has done much research in the water scarcity in India and the world.
    100 ml of Clensta waterless body bath and shampoo is capable of saving 350 liters of water. You just have to take a few drops of it and rub it properly. And then, clean the later with a piece of cloth or tissue paper or towel. It clears off the dust, dirt, and oil from the body. So, this way, it is easy to stay hygienic and save water at the same time.
  5. Plant as many trees and plants as possible. Water helps in releasing water to the atmosphere which aids in the formation of cloud and hence rain.
  6. Plants are capable of taking the right amount of water from the soil. However, if there is a lawn or terrace, water the plants when required.
  7. Use a bucket to wash the vehicles instead of a hosepipe. If you have more than one car, target to use the same bucket of water to clean the dirt from it. It is a decidedly lesser-known fact, but sponges soak up more water and wash the car in a better way.
  8. Rainwater harvesting methods are great ideas to make use of the rainwater. You can opt for any one which you think is suitable for you.

There are millions of ways to save water; what’s important is the motive to save it. If we want to see the upcoming generations to save it, we need to start taking actions today itself.

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