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The Secrets of Clean and Shiny Hair

Washing the hair is a mechanical act for many, but that is the first and most crucial step in the care and attention of the hair, and that also has its tricks and secrets. It is okay to get under the showerhead and rub your head vigorously, but that does not mean at all that you cannot do much better.

However, if there is a frequent question about hair hygiene, there is no doubt that washing it a lot is positive or, on the contrary, harmful. The (mistaken) popular belief is that frequent washing of hair causes it to get dirty even earlier because a “rebound effect” occurs. False!

The scalp is made up of skin, like the rest of the body, and should be cleaned as often as necessary. What, in the case of oily hair, which produces much sebum naturally, can be daily. Also, this ensures that the scalp is oxygenated because if it is left covered by the fat that is producing, there is a risk of suffering dermatitis.

Choose the most suitable shampoo
Clensta International Waterless Shampoo is a waterless product that can clean your hair without the use of water. Of course, before continuing, many will wonder what a waterless shampoo is? It merely is the expert in cleaning your hair without using a single drop of water. It helps maintain proper washing and care of the hair.

The colour determination for the hair.
White – ivory and normal brightness: The skin is normal, and shampoo is for this type of hair.

Reddish: Presence of irritations, infections or vascular problems. Shampoos with soothing active ingredients, specific for sensitive scalps, are recommended.

Yellowish and very bright: Excess of sebaceous secretion. A purifying or oily hair product is needed.

Grizzly and matt: Insufficient irrigation. It is advisable to choose a shampoo that activates the blood supply, for example, one that has menthol.

Presence of scales: It can be because of irritation, in which case you need a soothing shampoo or dandruff. The best treatment for this is an anti-dandruff shampoo, which should be used regularly.

Step by step of washing at home
The advice of the Clensta International for shampooing your hair is simple to follow. Initially, you have to brush your hair to remove traces of lacquer, gels or foam. Before applying shampoo, make sure that hair is tangle-free. The best part of using a waterless shampoo is that you will not have to check the correct temperature of the water before pouring it on your head. As for a normal shampoo, you need to wet your hair and scalp always with warm water. The cold does not remove the fat, and the hot dry it excessively.

It is essential that the hair hang naturally during the wash. Afterward, a little shampoo is poured into the hollow of the hand, not directly over the head. The product is distributed throughout the hair with the help of the fingertips, but without any need to rub vigorously or entangle the hair. It is time to use gentle gestures.

It is good to follow an order, starting for example on the top of the head, then the sides, the crown, and middle areas to end in tips and nape. Do not jerk or brush brusque ahead of time! Although it is not visible to the naked eye, this would break the hair. After the cleaning, it is better to, go gently combing the hair. 

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