Oct 03

Bogotá has water until 2019 a major concern before year ends

Some Bogotanos may remember that Mockus asked them to shower with their girlfriend to save water. Perhaps others remember that Juan Martín Caicedo had to close the jet for days while repairing the tunnels of Chingaza. However, that is history, and the truth is that Bogotians today do not believe that this pod of water scarcity is with them.

Even when they see Yopal, Quibdo or Maicao without water, they believe they have enough water. Moreover, Tokyo, Beijing or Mexico City, which are also running out of the water, are too far away to believe that this is going to happen soon.

Perhaps that is why nobody seems alarmed that the water supply company of Bogotá openly admits that in 2019 the demand for water will be greater than the supply and that if there are no new works, there will be rationing. So clear!

If something goes wrong with the works that the aqueduct expects to deliver in the next year or if there is a climatic phenomenon that significantly reduces the supply, Bogotá would not have water for all of its inhabitants in 2019.

The details

Nowadays Bogotá has a reliable flow of water of 16.89 cubic meters per second. Moreover, the current demand is around 16.25 cubic meters. That is, we are already tight. However, running out of water in the next year is already a risk of another dimension. Isn’t this yet the time to pay attention to the issue?

The solutions

The aqueduct identifies two kinds of solutions to increase the supply of water in Bogotá. One is the optimization projects that are smaller and where the existing water sources are better used. The other is the expansion projects where new sources of water are obtained, and in theory, they are more fundamental solutions.

Before the critical point where it emerges is to begin rationing in 2019, the Aqueduct could deliver two projects. The first is the Río Blanco optimization project, and the second, the optimization of the Tibitoc Plant that they expect to deliver at an undetermined point in 2019. However, don’t you think instead of just waiting for the government to take steps to resolve the issue, we should start saving water today to save the world tomorrow?

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