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Why is it important to clean your hair with shampoo?

In recent years a trend known as ‘no-poo’ has emerged, a trend that defends washing your hair with a shampoo that is harmful to the hair. Its origin goes back to publications in beauty blogs whose entries claimed that this product was harmful and, instead, it was suggested to use bicarbonate, vinegar or just water.

Is it bad to wash your hair with shampoo?
Those who promoted the ‘no-poo’ maintained that the shampoo was negative for the growth of the hair root, it damaged it and even It could cause alopecia. However, all this has no scientific evidence and comes from a philosophy of beauty that stands against industrial chemicals and petroleum products.

The profile of those who still ‘fall’ in this fashion of not washing their hair is that of young women who are highly influenced by the fashion gurus in social networks. However, as the dermatologist points out, the hair root is a deep structure that does not reach the shampoo and the result of not washing the hair is usually dermatitis on the scalp.

The shampoo has a cosmetic function on the hair (for example, can make it brighter) and can be a medical product when used to treat dandruff or dermatitis of the scalp but does not reach the root, so it can not intervene in the hair fall.

The habit of not washing the hair can affect capillary health but in a different way to that indicated by its precursors, since when you stop washing it or use aggressive products such as bicarbonate or vinegar, processes such as an inflammation of the scalp or itching may develop. (itching) that causes scratching and with it arises the possibility of small wounds on the skin and resulting in an increased risk of superinfection.

To re-wash the hair and use an anti-inflammatory lotion reverses a process that derives from disinformation about the anatomy of the extensible hair to other false beliefs among the population such as that the hair gel is bad for the hair, that the grey hair is more resistant to alopecia or that cutting the hair strengthens it.

According to Vañó, most false beliefs come from not taking into account that the root is the hair factory and that it is made up of proteins and substances that are biologically dead matter. Thus, the treatments that are directed to the hair, do not intervene more than in their aesthetics, to do it in their health they would have to intervene in the root.

High-risk trends
Dr Vañó notes that until his practice more and more people are falling victim to’low-cost ‘hair transplants that take place in other countries where costs are presented as minor, among them Turkey.

In addition, in most cases, these people see how the costs of the total treatment are higher than initially agreed because once in the foreign country, the suppliers add other costs to the initial budget.

According to the dermatologists, the aim is to save costs without thinking of a medical risk that these people would not expose themselves to if instead of being a hair implant it were any other organ or body system.

If the evolution is bad due to infections, bleeding or pain, they can not go to the outside consultation and the procedures have a high risk of failure, which finally supposes, along with the health risks, the loss of the money invested.

Note that you always have to look for quality options when it comes to an intervention of this type and that offer, in addition to good value for money, security guarantees.

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