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No toxic chemicals
No artificial fragrances
100% Natural
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It’s a quick 'Ready-to-Use' liquid solution, provides germ-free surroundings! It is 100% natural, made with essential oil thus safe.

Non Toxic to Humans


rinse free - spray and wipe

We can save you money by cutting the cost of 90-95% of the water that you are paying in ready-to-use products.

Indian made
and owned

Created with love and care, under the
Indian sun.

Backed by
clinical trials

It is absolutely safe.

Effective against 60 diseases
causing germs

It is absolutely safe.

How to Use

Step 1

Pour it on your palm.

Step 2

Apply uniformly on your skin.

Step 3

Rub until absorbed.

Science Says

Recent advancements in nanotechnology-based medicines have opened new horizons for combating multidrug resistance in microorganisms. In particular, the use of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) as a potent antibacterial agent has received much attention.

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During the past few years, silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) became one of the most investigated and explored nanotechnology-derived nanostructures for various biomedical applications.

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The silver nanoparticles are attracting much interest because of their potent antibacterial activity. Many studies have also shown an important activity of silver nanoparticles against bacterial biofilms.

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Did You Know

You can get maximum safety and nourishment for your hands at one go? Clensta CoV-Guard protection lotion is a one-stop solution for safety against germs while keeping your hands moisturized and healthy.

Trusted & Certified

Developed at IIT Delhi

Technology Driven

WHO Compliant

ISO & CE Certified

Clinically Tested

Product FAQs

What is the technology of the CoV Guard Protection Lotion?
The product has been formulated with the PAP (prolonged antimicrobial protection) Technology, where the active ingredients synergistically increase the effectiveness of each other at a particular concentration. It is a specially engineered formulation composed of three active ingredients which form a triplet complex of the nanoparticles+biosurfactant+acid. The nanoparticles in the triplet complex are accelerated to provide long-lasting antimicrobial protection by slowly releasing the reactive oxygen species (ROS) on the skin surface. The biosurfactant and acid mixture disrupts the outer membrane of the viruses, on the other hand, nanoparticles release ROS that degrades the genetic material (DNA/RNA) of the viruses and bacteria.
Does it cure any diseases?
No, the product is completely meant for sanitation and the protection against the outbreak of any microbial including SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus) infection.
Is it effective against bacterial and fungal skin infections?
Yes (99.99%), as confirmed by the antimicrobial analysis conducted by Arbro Pharmaceuticals. The antimicrobial analysis against different pathogenic strains of bacteria & fungi was done by Arbro Pharmaceuticals (NABL accredited lab) with 99.9% efficacy using Antimicrobial Activity Time Kill Assays following the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM)-E- 2315-16.
Is it suitable for all skin types?
Yes, as confirmed by the Cell Cytotoxicity Experiments conducted by the Regional Centre for Biotechnology, Established by the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India, Under the Auspices of UNESCO.
Will rain remove the antimicrobial effect of the lotion?
The antimicrobial effects of the product may decrease on continuous exposure in the raining water. However, the effectiveness of the Lotion will be depending on the extent of the exposure to the specific conditions.
Can I use it if I have a skin allergy?
The product is safe to apply in case of minor cuts and burns. However, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the formulation., please consult the doctor before using it.
Is it better than an Alcohol hand sanitizer?
Yes, because alcohol-based sanitizer kills the microbes once you apply it and its effects immediately disappear in a moment as the alcohol evaporates in a second. However, Clensta Lotion provides 12 hour protection in one application as the active ingredients of the Lotion will remain in the active state for 12 hours or more to kill the microbes.
The lotion would give 12 hours’ protection but if hands are washed during the day, would you need to apply the lotion again?
No, because the product would remain in the active form/state. However, to obtain the constant efficacy, one should reapply the product after washing the hand with surfactant/rigorous washing with water.
Is the lotion odorless and non-sticky?
The product has been formulated with a mild, pleasant and natural fragrance with a non-sticky texture.
10. What would happen if the hands with the lotion applied touch the face, eyes, mouth etc?
In case of contact with face, eyes or mouth, splash with plenty of water and if the irritation persists, please consult a doctor.

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