Common FAQs

The product is specially formulated to provide comprehensive bathing solution without water. The innovative technology helps you to bath anywhere, anytime leaving a refreshing experience without the need of anything but product and towel/tissue.

Personal hygiene or Individual cleanliness is interrelated with the well being of a person. A clean living habit can avoid several germs / disease that effortlessly develop in unclean bodies and cause ailments.

Maintaining personal hygiene under every circumstance is must to stay healthy and keep all germs at bay. Therefore, if you are travelling / hiking or admitted in the hospitals (We wish you – Get Well Soon), or going for a long trip via flight or train. This is your product, so that you don’t compromise at any time and stay healthy.

Few diseases of many caused due to inadequate personal hygiene, are skin infections, Dermatitis neglecta , Urinary tract Infection, Boils, ringworms, Hair lice , body lice and various others. Also depending to the surrounding environment, these diseases can grow on an alarming rate along with unhygienic habits.

The product waterless body bath is designed to be used on skin , whereas Waterless shampoo is applicable on hair only.

The Waterless Products are effective Personal Hygiene Tools, which cleanse the body/hair without the need of water to rinse

Steps to use:
Step 1 – Pour adequate quantity on to the hand
Step 2 – Gently apply on the body/hair & massage for 30 seconds
Step 3 – Wipe off with a dry towel

The Waterless body bath & shampoo is targeted to provide accessible Personal Hygiene for people who don’t have easy access to water like:

  1. Soldiers serving on the ground
  2. Patients admitted in hospitals or availing home health care services
  3. Tourists travelling for adventure sports activities like trekking, camping or mountain climbing
  4. People travelling on long distance journeys through railways

We recommend an ideal quantity of 20 ml for the shampoo & 30 ml for body bath, to have a complete cleansing experience but the end user can opt to apply more, depending on how unclean his/her body feels

Yes, the products are completely alcohol free

The product is not formulated with alcohol. Clensta’s products are specifically targeted to provide hygiene to people at any location without using water. The product is not gender specific, thus anyone and everyone can use it. Clensta products are Free of Alcohol, SLS and Gluten whereas sanitiser are formulated out of alcohol. Thus making it differently from regular sanitisers/alcohol.

Yes, all the ingredients of the product are within the guidelines prescribed by Bureau of Standards (BIS)

Yes, all the products are approved by FDA

Yes, the products are completely safe for kids for age above 5. Children above 5 years can use the product under parental guidance. In case of rash or allergy, wash the skin with water or immediately wipe with towel/tissue.

Yes, the products are clinically tested for all skin & hair type but in case of sever allergies, kindly consult your dermatologist

The Product has a shelf life of 3 years from the date of manufacturing

If the body bath or shampoo gets in contact with the eyes, please rinse off with water immediately and if the irritation persists visit your nearest physician.

No, the Body bath/Shampoo are meant to be Alternate Bathing Solutions thereby, eliminating the need of water during and after the use of the product

This is not a sponge. It is a clear solution.

Yes, the product has anti-microbial property. It kills germs present on the skin surface of the body.

Yes, it has been successfully being used in various hospital, to name a few – Defense, Safdarjung Hospital, Hospital of IIT Delhi and more.

For information about the product and try-out samples, please write us to info@clensta.com

Not yet, but soon.

FAQs for Waterless Body Bath

The body bath has to be used on a daily basis, the consumer can choose to use multiple times during the day depending on his/her hygiene needs

Yes, the body bath can be applied to clean any exterior portion of the body

Consult your nearest physician immediately

No, the body bath is meant for body and face cleansing, not the hair

Yes, the Both bath is suitable for all skin type

Yes, the product has anti-bacterial property. It kills harmful bacteria present on the skin surface of the body.

One bottle costs Rs.549/-

One bottle of body bath has 100 ml of solution.

  • Provides gentle clean with bacterial and germ protection
  • Removes dirt, dust & oil from the skin
  • Leaves no residue
  • Removes body odor
  • Soft and supple skin
  • For all skin types

FAQs for Waterless Shampoo

The shampoo is of a mild composition therefore, we recommend daily usage of the product

Yes, the shampoo is meant for all hair types. We recommend using a greater quantity for people with dry or frizzy hair

The shampoo can be applied on coloured hair, the composition is mild therefore the shampoo will not rinse off any colour

Yes, the shampoo will remove oil, dirt & dust from the hair

No, the shampoo needs to be applied, massages and towel dried. Therefore, there is no need for use of water during & after the use of the shampoo

One bottle costs Rs.499.

One bottle of  Shampoo has 100 ml of solution.

  • Gentle clean with bacteria protection
  • Removes dirt, dust & oil from the hair
  • Balanced pH and gentle on all hair type
  • Smooth & shiny conditioned hair
  • Protects you from scale infection and various other diseases
  • Easy to use