Picture This

India Produces


Tonnes Of Plastic Waste

India Produces


Asian Elephants

India Produces


Boeing 747 Jets

India Produces


Tonnes Of Plastic Waste

which equals to


Asian Elephants

which equals to


Boeing 747 Jets

Of this, 48%* goes uncollected
Of what is collected very little is recycled, further into more plasticc!

The Story Of Clensta

The Story Of Clensta

"Our story simply began with a clean & concise thought- to make personal hygiene accessible & effective for all."

Puneet Gupta,
CEO & Founder

It was when my mother got her knee surgery done a few years back that I realized how difficult maintaining hygiene was for a bed ridden patient.

After extensive discussions with experts, I realized that, directly or indirectly, the availability of water or the living conditions of an individual are the primary reasons for lack of access to something as basic as hygiene.

This motivated me towards developing waterless technology products, leading to the the idea of Clensta International. In a world of marketing of glitter & gold, we were just longing to bring home an honest caretaker.

Our story simply began with a clean & concise thought- to make personal hygiene accessible & effective for all.

From military personnel to people living in areas with acute water shortage, pregnant mothers, immobile patients, we were deafened by the unheard cry for effective and affordable sanitary solutions for personal and home hygiene

Puneet Gupta, CEO & Founder

Our Mission

Bringing in Relevant Innovation to find Efficient Cleaning Solutions

Just like money should not define what air we breathe and what water we drink, it should not define our hygiene. We exist so every Indian (to begin with) gets the basic level of sanitation and hygiene, that they can afford and provide for themselves & not depend on the 'structure' to provide for them.

We (Clensta) offer Honesty, Value & Efficiency so we(India) thrive despite our conditions.

A Promising Movement

We saw the tremendous potential for effective & affordable home & personal care solutions in the Indian market. We wanted to offer a range of products that are Made for India & Made In India.

A bunch of us, IIT Delhi alumni, brought the thought of Clensta to life. Today, we aim to educate the need for hygiene & provide scientifically developed products, also helping us become an ecologically ethical population.

Today, We Deliver

Safety & Hygiene right at your doorstep with


Providing Affordable, Effective
cleaning solutions to the world

With Ethics

Making sure the process
Reduces Pollution & Waste

Small Steps Towards A Better Tomorrow

All Around Care, Honestly

Our Impact

By 2030, we will have helped eliminate over

2,00,000 per month

plastic bottles from landfills & water bodies

Since you started reading this,

500+ tonnes

have already been added to India’s
plastic waste

Do you want to be a part of the solution to this problem?

The pillars of success

Clean Instantly .
clean effectively
No one has time today. These are times of instant solutions!
& results drive us.
We are Indians, we make things work!
In words & in actions
plain, clear, transparent. Honesty in words & in actions.
We seek more
Extra blessings, Extra discount, Extra clean, Extra large

Leading With Innovation

We believe that what you put on, in and around your body matters. And so, we care to empower people to live Happy, Healthy and Hygienic Lives.

Waterless Technology

An advanced technology of the weight/vol % & its synergism.

This makes the products provide effective cleaning without residue, which is easy to wipe off without the use of water.

Prolonged Alcohol Retention (PAR)

In order to kill germs, there should be a “dwell time” they need to sit on the germs to kill in order to ensure 99% germ protection with antimicrobial and antiseptic properties.

Our Hand Sanitizer is based on Prolonged Alcohol Retention technology so the dwell time with the disease-causing germs is longer which makes cleaning effective.

Enhanced Bioactivity (EBDC)

Enhanced Bioactivity of the ingredients to degrade the microorganisms along with the Cleansing technology.

It accelerates the activity and efficacy of the active ingredients.

Transdermal Technology

Our personal care range doesn’t just clean the surface but provides the essential benefits of the active ingredients deep down the skin.

In this nanosized particles of red aloe vera are absorbed in the subcutaneous tissue.

Prolonged Antiviral Protection

The CoV-Guard with Prolonged Antiviral Protection forms a protective layer on the skin to protect for upto 12 hours.

The accelerated nanoparticles in it provide long-lasting antimicrobial/anti-viral protection by slowly releasing the reactive oxygen species (ROS) on the skin surface.

Product Feature

Did You Know?

According to veterinary microbiologists from Animal and Fisheries University (KVAFSU), the numerous pathogens in bird droppings can cause as many as 60 different types of diseases, including flu-like illnesses called Psittacosis, Salmonella & so many more.

Pigeons get attracted back to their dwellings by their poop smell and however hard we may try, the way we clean, some residual always remains

Pigeon Repellent

Pigeon Repellent is a unique concentrate formulation which helps to confuse and disorient pigeons to keep them off and away from their nesting sites without causing any harm to them.

Our Goals

Plastic Waste Footprint Education

with research, exchange, communication & knowledge dissemination.

Environment Friendly Products

that contribute towards a better world.

Global Standard for Cost Reduction

& qualified assessment of single-use plastic products.

The Accomplishments

From The IIT Delhi Lab

The access to state of the art
DSIR - Department of Scientific
& Industrial Research,

recognized laboratory & equipment has helped
us devise intelligent solutions to fulfill the demand.

Our partnership with IIT Delhi helps us gain access to the best technology, talent and mentorship.

Board Members

Dr Puneet Gupta

Founder & CEO

(IIM Calcutta Alumnus)

Mr. Rishabh Mehta

Investor Director

(Stanford Alumnus)

Mr. Raj Kumar Sehgal



Mr. Apoorva Ranjan Sharma

Advisor at Clensta


Mr. Rajesh Batreja

Advisor (International Business)


Prof (Dr.) Anurag Rathore

Director - Research

(IIT Delhi Faculty)

Mr. Mitesh Shah

Advisor at Clensta


Mr. Pradeep Gupta

Board Observer

(IIM Calcutta & IIT Delhi Alumnus)


Puneet Gupta

Founder & CEO

Anurag Watts

Vice President

Sales & Operations, Core Team.

Dr. Ankita Arora

Head- R&D

(Innovation & IP)

Suman Sindhu


Pradeep Mandal

Accounts Manager


Akshat Varshney

Manager Sales


Vaibhav Vijh

Head-Legal and Secretarial


Pankaj Mittal

Head of Finance & Accounts


Monika Aggarwal

Senior Manager

Finance & Accounts

Mitali Mangla



Peeyush Sethi

Chief Operating Officer


Poornima Tripathi

Senior Executive-


Shivali Tandon

Head of Human Resources


Ishika Sharma

Performance Marketing Manager


Kanishka Mitra

Brand Manager


Mubin Ahmed

Manager - SCM


Shivangi Raghuvanshi

Senior Executive - CRM



HR Consultant


Sachin Negi

Art Director