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#1 Best Selling Instant Hand Sanitizer

Instant Hand Sanitizer

M.R.P.: Rs. 50

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Rs. 40
You save: Rs. 10 (20%)

Engineered with Prolonged Alcohol Retention (PAR) formula, it ensures 99.9 % germ protection.

All Round protection

Soft on the skin, harsh on germs

Ensures 99.9% germ protection

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No toxic chemicals
No artificial fragrances
100% Natural
Reusable bottle


It’s a quick 'Ready-to-Use' liquid solution, provides germ-free surroundings! It is 100% natural, made with essential oil thus safe.

Non Toxic to Humans


rinse free - spray and wipe

We can save you money by cutting the cost of 90-95% of the water that you are paying in ready-to-use products.

Indian made
and owned

Created with love and care, under the
Indian sun.

Backed by
clinical trials

It is absolutely safe.

Effective against 60 diseases
causing germs

It is absolutely safe.

Science Says

Hand hygiene can be considered a strategic key useful in the containment of infections such as COVID-19 both at home and in communities because it can dramatically reduce the widespread outbreak of infections.

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Maintaining hand hygiene has been established as crucial for reducing the colonization and incidence of infectious diseases in all populations.

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The anxiety and trauma associated with the tragic coronavirus disease pandemic coded, COVID-19 led many to indulge in various unorthodox preventive measures.

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Did You Know

Cleaning hands with sanitizers which have a minimum of 60% alcohol content is of utmost importance? Clensta hand sanitizer offers PAR(Prolonged alcohol retention) which is essential to kill the disease causing germs and ensures 99.9% protection against germs.

Trusted & Certified

Developed at IIT Delhi

Technology Driven

WHO Compliant

ISO & CE Certified

Clinically Tested

Instant Hand Sanitizer

Instant Hand Sanitizer

Rs. 40 Rs. 50
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Instant Hand Sanitizer

Instant Hand Sanitizer

M.R.P.: Rs. 50

Deal Price:

Rs. 40
You save: Rs. 10 (20%)

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