Pigeon Repellent – Don’t Kill, Just Repel!
Pigeon Repellent – Don’t Kill, Just Repel!
Pigeon Repellent – Don’t Kill, Just Repel!
Pigeon Repellent – Don’t Kill, Just Repel!
Pigeon Repellent – Don’t Kill, Just Repel!
Pigeon Repellent – Don’t Kill, Just Repel!
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    Pigeon Repellent – Don’t Kill, Just Repel!

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    Wards off Pigeons from their nesting sites, without any kind of physical damage to them.

    • Enriched with Lemongrass Extracts
    • Wards off pigeons without causing any physical harm
    • Eradicates germs caused by pigeon droppings
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    Product Description

    It’s understandable that Pigeons can become quite the nuisance in our societies. Not only do they multiply fast, but also excrete too often, leaving your surroundings prone to various disease-causing microorganisms.

    To effectively deal with such an uncanny problem, we offer you Clensta Pigeon Repellent.

    Enriched with Lemongrass extracts, Clensta Pigeon Repellent is a uniquely formulated solution, designed to ward off Pigeons from their nesting sites, without any kind of physical damage to them. This one-of-a-kind repellent has a tendency to confuse the Pigeons from re-visiting their usual nesting spots while at the same time ensuring eradication of microorganisms and germs present in the excretion.

    Now rest-assured of a Pigeon free zone, just like you’ve always wanted.

    Bring home Clensta and rejoice in its long-lasting hygienic results.

    Note: This starter pack comprises 150 ml of ready to use Pigeon Repellent premix alongside two 25 ml refill bottles of concentrate. When finished using the pre-mix, you may use the concentrates by pouring them into the infinity bottle and filling it up with tap water. Shake it vigorously for a few times and voila, in an instant, your favourite Lemongrass Pigeon Repellent is ready for use again!


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    Did You Know?

    Pigeon droppings are responsible for spreading about 60 different types of diseases? Well, worry no more, Clensta Pigeon Repellent can shoo away those unwanted pigeons lurking around your backyard in a non-invasive manner.

    Science Says

    • Birds are frequent sources of emerging human infectious diseases. Viral particles enriched from the feces of 51 wild urban pigeons were studied. Read more
    • Pigeons can be a reservoir of various pathogens, often with a subclinical or atypical course of the disease, which allows them to spread between individuals, providing an opportunity for viral passages and mutations. Read more
    • Birds are considered as a reservoir for pathogenic and non-pathogenic fungi. Pigeon droppings have the potential for spreading these fungi to the environment. Read more

    Why people love it

    Non Toxic to Humans

    It is safe to use in home environments because of it's zero toxicity for humans.

    Non Toxic to Pigeons

    It is absolutely safe to for pigeons also. It disorients them, does not harm them.

    Backed By Clinal Trials

    This product has also approval of IIT Delhi ethical committee & is backed by clinical trials.

    Effective against 60 disease causing germs

    Pigeon poop is known to cause 60 chronic diseases that this repellent saves you against.

    Comes In An Infinity Bottle

    The one bottle that will last you a lifetime comes with concentrates that can refill the bottle.

    Rinse Free - Spray and wipe

    Just spray and leave the solution every time you use.

    Trusted & Certified

    Developed at IIT Delhi

    Technology Driven

    WHO Compliant

    ISO & CE Certified

    Clinically Tested

    How to Use

    Step 1

    Clean the roosting area prior to the application.

    Step 2

    Spray the solution daily until the area is completely wet.

    Step 3

    Spray for 10 days, then twice a week and finally reduce it to once a week.

    Step 4

    All you get is germ-free and healthy outdoors, always!

    Clensta helps you

    Save Money

    With the infinity bottle, Clensta helps you save money that you otherwise pay for the water content, transit & a new bottle every time.

    Reduce Plastic

    Every year, an average person dumps 100 kgs of plastics into the environment, With the infinity bottle we are helping reduce that drastically.

    Protect The Planet

    By Saving Water - most of our products are waterless and do not need rinsing. We help you reduce your carbon footprint by almost 30%.

    Frequently asked questions

    How is it effective if I dilute it with water?
    It is as effective as the original product itself because it is the same formulation, just sold in a concentrated form. Make sure you follow the instructions properly, since the quantity of water to be mixed is specific and should be exact as advised on the packaging.
    Is it harmful if I swallow or get it in my eyes?
    In case of eye contact, splash with plenty of water and if the irritation persists, please consult a doctor. Although the product is non toxic, it is advised that you do not swallow it. If you have swallowed it by mistake, immediately consult a doctor.
    Can I use the spray bottle I have at home?
    No, the bottle is designed to leverage specific droplet sizes which would not be compatible with any other spray bottle.
    How much spray is required initially?
    It is advised to use the product as illustrated in the directions stated over the label. It depends on the surface area and the area must be covered with enough sprays to make it wet.
    Do I need to use cold water or warm water to dissolve the concentrate?
    Clensta products have been tried and tested for easy use with all temperatures of water to dissolve the concentrate.
    Can I use it on sunroofs?
    The product is applicable to all the pigeon roosting sites. It will hence give you great results anywhere where there are pigeons.
    Will it be slippery after spraying on the floor?
    It is advised to leave the sprayed area until it is dry. Using it at the roosting sites is preferable.
    How long will it last?
    The efficacy of the product lasts for over a month.
    Can I spray on my car to keep pigeons away?
    2-3 sprays are effective depending on the area or the surface.
    Does it repel other birds too?
    The product is equally effective to all kinds of birds but largely concentrated on the pigeon repulsions.
    Have hard water at my place, will the concentrate dissolve, also is there any effect on the efficacy of the product?
    The product is equally effective with any form of water. It doesn’t decline on its efficacy rate.