Room Freshener Starter Pack- Infinity Bottle (500 ml) + Concentrates (25 ml x 2 makes 1000 ml)
Room Freshener Starter Pack- Infinity Bottle (500 ml) + Concentrates (25 ml x 2 makes 1000 ml)
Room Freshener Starter Pack- Infinity Bottle (500 ml) + Concentrates (25 ml x 2 makes 1000 ml)
Room Freshener Starter Pack- Infinity Bottle (500 ml) + Concentrates (25 ml x 2 makes 1000 ml)
Room Freshener Starter Pack- Infinity Bottle (500 ml) + Concentrates (25 ml x 2 makes 1000 ml)
Room Freshener Starter Pack- Infinity Bottle (500 ml) + Concentrates (25 ml x 2 makes 1000 ml)

    Room Freshener Starter Pack- Infinity Bottle (500 ml) + Concentrates (25 ml x 2 makes 1000 ml)

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    Uniquely formulated to fight 99.9% air-borne germs within 30 seconds and leaves a soothing scent.

    • Soothing scents
    • Non-toxic
    • Fights 99.9% germs in 30 seconds
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    Product Description

    Did you know that an aromatic environment can ensure that you remain calm, composed and highly productive throughout the day?

    Fascinating, isn’t it.

    Case in point, when aroma joins forces with non-toxic sanitizer, what you get is a shield for you and your loved ones from air-borne diseases. Yes, even COVID-19.

    Introducing Clensta Room Freshener, a one-of-a-kind, fragrant air sanitiser, perfectly engineered to match your daily home care needs.

    Powered by our unique Enhanced Bioactivity of the ingredients to Degrade the microorganisms along with the Cleansing Technology (EBDC technology) that reduces pathogenic load from the air, Clensta Room Freshener is uniquely formulated to fight 99.9% air-borne germs within 30 seconds, while leaving behind a long-lasting, rejoyceful Orangey fragrance.

    Make your home a safe-haven for you & your family. Switch to Clensta for the better good of your loved ones.

    Note: This starter pack comprises 500 ml of ready to use Room Freshener premix alongside two 25 ml refill bottles of concentrate. In case you’ve finished using the pre-mix, you may use the concentrates for effective usage by pouring them into your reusable infinity bottle and filling it up with tap water. Shake it vigorously for a few times and voila, in an instant, your fragrant Room Freshner is ready for use again!


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    Did You Know?

    Air borne infections are most contagious and have varying capabilities. Airborne diseases can travel distances greater than 6 feet and remain infectious in the air from minutes to hours. Clensta Room Fresheners with germ protection formulas aim to provide unmatched safety all while keeping you cheerful and bright!

    Science Says

    • Clensta Room Freshener contains Benzalkonium chlorides (BACs) which are chemicals with widespread applications due to their broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties against bacteria, fungi, and viruses.Read more
    • Lactic acid is a nontoxic and non-sensitizing agent with excellent antimicrobial properties. Also it is a normal metabolite of the body. Thus, it can be used as a safe and effective antibacterial agent for local application.Thus, it can be used as a safe and effective antibacterial agent for local application. Read more
    • Small respiratory droplets evaporate in the air and become tiny droplet nuclei are believed to be responsible for the epidemic spread of many respiratory tract infections. Read more
    • Airborne transmission is defined as the spread of an infectious agent caused by the dissemination of droplet nuclei (aerosols) that remain infectious when suspended in air over long distances and time. Read more
    • The main transmission route of SARS-CoV-2 is through the air (airborne transmission). This review details the airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2.Read more

    Why people love it

    Effective against 99.9% bacteria and fungi

    It doesn't only freshen up but saves you & your loved ones from diseases.

    Kills pathogens within 30 seconds

    The quick action formula just takes 30 seconds of your precious time to get active.

    Alchohol free Composition

    The lack of alcohol helps minimise risk of antibiotic resistance.

    Minimal risk of antibiotic resistance

    Makes it effective against germs for a longer duration.

    Non Toxic

    It is safe to use in closed environments because of it's zero toxicity.

    Comes In An Infinity Bottle

    The one bottle that will last you a lifetime comes with concentrates that can refill the bottle.

    Trusted & Certified

    Developed at IIT Delhi

    Technology Driven

    WHO Compliant

    ISO & CE Certified

    Clinically Tested

    How to Use

    Step 1

    Hold the bottle upright.

    Step 2

    Spray the air freshner in your bedroom, living room and any other desired location.

    Step 3

    Leave the room for 5 mins to ensure germ-free surroundings.

    Step 4

    The refreshing and soothing fragrance will instantly elevate your mood.

    Clensta helps you

    Save Money

    With the infinity bottle, Clensta helps you save money that you otherwise pay for the water content, transit & a new bottle every time.

    Reduce Plastic

    Every year, an average person dumps 100 kgs of plastics into the environment, With the infinity bottle we are helping reduce that drastically.

    Protect The Planet

    By Saving Water - most of our products are waterless and do not need rinsing. We help you reduce your carbon footprint by almost 30%.

    Frequently asked questions

    How is it effective if I dilute it with water?
    It is as effective as the original product itself because it is the same formulation, just sold in a concentrated form. Make sure you follow the instructions properly, since the quantity of water to be mixed is specific and should be exact as advised on the packaging.
    Can we refill the spray?
    Yes, the directions to use states pouring the concentrate initially and then water, followed by a quick shake and the product is ready.
    Will it harm my nostrils? Or is it safe if I inhaled it?
    No, the product is organically produced and doesn’t harm your nostrils in any way.
    How many sprays for one room?
    Minimum of 5-6 sprays are enough depending on the size of the room.
    Does it come in different fragrances?
    Enjoy the goodness of lavender with each spray.
    Is it good to use in washrooms too?
    The product is equally effective in all conditions.
    What if it is accidently sprayed in the eyes?
    In case of eye contact, splash with plenty of water and if the irritation persists, please consult a doctor.
    How many sprays in one bottle?
    The product is a 500ml concentrate and gives you a usage lasting for a period of 1 month or more.
    Will it work in the AC room?
    Yes, the product is effective in all room conditions.
    Do I need to use cold water or warm water to dissolve the concentrate?
    Clensta products have been tried and tested for easy use with all forms of water to dissolve the concentrate.
    Have hard water at my place, will the concentrate dissolve, also is there any effect on the efficacy of the product?
    The product is equally effective with any form of water. It doesn’t decline on its efficacy rate.

    Reasons to love our home care range


    Developed at the IIT Delhi lab, the products are patent secured

    Value for

    Save money that you pay for water & transit of a new bottle everytime

    Reducing single-use

    With the infinity bottle that comes with concentrates to refill

    Naturally Derived

    Plant derived active ingredients are safe for us & Mother Earth