Vegetable Cleaner Starter Pack- Infinity Bottle (500 ml) + Concentrates (25 ml x 2 makes 1000 ml)
Vegetable Cleaner Starter Pack- Infinity Bottle (500 ml) + Concentrates (25 ml x 2 makes 1000 ml)
Vegetable Cleaner Starter Pack- Infinity Bottle (500 ml) + Concentrates (25 ml x 2 makes 1000 ml)
Vegetable Cleaner Starter Pack- Infinity Bottle (500 ml) + Concentrates (25 ml x 2 makes 1000 ml)
Vegetable Cleaner Starter Pack- Infinity Bottle (500 ml) + Concentrates (25 ml x 2 makes 1000 ml)
Vegetable Cleaner Starter Pack- Infinity Bottle (500 ml) + Concentrates (25 ml x 2 makes 1000 ml)

    Vegetable Cleaner Starter Pack- Infinity Bottle (500 ml) + Concentrates (25 ml x 2 makes 1000 ml)

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    Enriched with neem extracts and removes pesticides from the outer layer of the vegetables.

    • Enriched neem extracts
    • Eliminates pesticides and artificial wax coating from vegetables
    • Kills 99.9% of germs
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    Product Description

    Nothing can change the universal truth that we need nutritious food to live a healthy life.
    In order to do the same, we rely on consumption of pesticide-free fruits and vegetables. But not every item we purchase from the market is as good as it appears.

    Case in point, we’ve understood that the need of the hour is to rely on chemical-free replenishment for the sake of longevity.

    Introducing Clensta Vegetable Cleaner, an organic formulation that removes germs and pesticides from the outer layer of fruits & vegetables you purchase from the market.

    Enriched with Neem extracts and deprived of any harmful colorants, Clensta Vegetable Cleaner is based on the ancient ways of sanitization, prepared to make fruits & vegetables germ-free for your daily consumption. Powered by Enhanced Bioactivity of the ingredients to Degrade the microorganisms along with the Cleansing Technology (EBDC technology), Clensta Vegetable Cleaner effectively removes pesticides & artificial wax coating from the surface of fruits & vegetables while also vanquishing 99.9% of pathogenic microorganisms that can potentially harm you without going noticed at all.

    Note: This starter pack comprises 500 ml of ready to use Vegetable Cleaner premix alongside two 25 ml refill bottles of concentrate. In case you’ve finished using the premix, you may use the concentrates by pouring them into your reusable infinity bottle and filling it up with tap water. Shake it vigorously for a few times and voila, in an instant, your organic Vegetable Cleaner is ready for use again!


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    Did You Know?

    There are bacteria and germs attached to the soil of the produce of the veggies we consume? Clensta’s Vegetable Cleaner provides an intensive cleaning solution to wash away any germs, wax coating or bacteria that may have attached itself to the produce of the vegetables we consume. 

    Science Says

    • Fresh fruits and vegetables can harbor large and diverse populations of bacteria. Read more
    • Since fresh fruit produce is often eaten raw, it may also be a source for foodborne illness. The presence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria might pose a particular risk to the consumer. Read more
    • The aim of this study was to investigate the antimicrobial capacity of apple cider vinegar (ACV) against E. coli, S. aureus and C. albicans.Read more

    Why people love it

    Naturally Derived Ingredients

    Non chemical derivation of ingredients makes it safe to use.

    Helps Removal Of Pesticides & Wax Coating

    Pesticides & wax coating applied to make your fruits look fresh are harmful. Remove them safely with our vegetable cleaner.

    Herbal extracts providing natural antimicrobial activity

    It doesn't just clean & disinfect, it also keeps your home smelling great

    Enhances shelf life of fruits & veges

    Clean veges and fruits will last longer & be more nutritious.

    No Harmful Colorant

    No artificial color used, that further ensures your veges and fruits stay safe forever.

    Comes In An Infinity Bottle

    The one bottle that will last you a lifetime comes with concentrates that can refill the bottle.

    Trusted & Certified

    Developed at IIT Delhi

    Technology Driven

    WHO Compliant

    ISO & CE Certified

    Clinically Tested

    How to Use

    Step 1

    Add 10 ml solution in 2 liters water.

    Step 2

    Soak vegetables and fruits in this solution for 5 minutes.

    Step 3

    Rinse well under clean, running water.

    Clensta helps you

    Save Money

    With the infinity bottle, Clensta helps you save money that you otherwise pay for the water content, transit & a new bottle every time.

    Reduce Plastic

    Every year, an average person dumps 100 kgs of plastics into the environment, With the infinity bottle we are helping reduce that drastically.

    Protect The Planet

    By Saving Water - most of our products are waterless and do not need rinsing. We help you reduce your carbon footprint by almost 30%.

    Frequently asked questions

    How is it effective if I dilute it with water?
    It is as effective as the original product itself because it is the same formulation, just sold in a concentrated form. Make sure you follow the instructions properly, since the quantity of water to be mixed is specific and should be exact as advised on the packaging.
    Does it include chlorine?
    No, the product is free from any harmful ingredients. Clensta products are skin friendly and don't harm your skin.
    Is it transparent?
    Yes, the product is transparent and will not stain vegetables.
    How long should I wash?
    It is preferable to give the vegetables a good rub for 2-3 minutes for better results.
    Can I eat directly after washing?
    It is advised to rinse the vegetables and fruits thoroughly with water before consumption.
    Does it work on peeled vegetables?
    No, One should avoid using the product on sliced or peeled vegetables or porous eatables like cheese.
    Is it flammable?
    No, the product is organically produced and contains no flammable ingredients.
    Do I need to use cold or warm to dissolve the concentrate?
    Clensta products have been tried and tested for easy use with all temperatures of water to dissolve the concentrate.
    How much liquid to add in the bucket?
    It is advised to use the formulation as directed. Add 10ml solution in 2 litres of water.
    Is it skin friendly?
    Clensta products are organically produced and don't harm your skin.
    Have hard water at my place, will the concentrate dissolve, also is there any effect on the efficacy of the product?
    The product is equally effective with any form of water. It doesn’t decline on its efficacy rate.

    Reasons to love our home care range


    Developed at the IIT Delhi lab, the products are patent secured

    Value for

    Save money that you pay for water & transit of a new bottle everytime

    Reducing single-use

    With the infinity bottle that comes with concentrates to refill

    Naturally Derived

    Plant derived active ingredients are safe for us & Mother Earth