The Natural Wonder Ingredient for your Hair – Redensyl

The Natural Wonder Ingredient for your Hair – Redensyl

Redensyl is an effective for hair growth. But it is no magic ingredient! For redensyl to work, you need to be consistent in its usage for at least three to six months.

“What is good hair? It can be anything to anyone. Good hair is healthy hair, whatever you perceive that to be.” – Isaiah Mustafa

Don’t we all run after good hair? Strong, silky, healthy, and shiny hair are the bane of everyone’s existence. We use multiple products, consume healthy foods, and follow our elders’ suggestions to achieve our #HairGoals. But soon, life takes over, and stress, pollution, dust, dirt, sun, and unhealthy eating habits start affecting our hair, and we lose them. Hairfall, dryness, frizziness, damage, and premature greying start affecting us and the added stress of these issues lead to further hair damage.

Enter this excellent natural ingredient, Redensyl for hair, which is entirely plant-based and formulated by biotechnology. It is a new-age hair growth ingredient helpful in combating hair loss and increasing growth. It increases hair volume and is inspired by regenerative medicine. It works at the cellular level to stimulate stem cells for hair growth in areas with patchy growth. It is an excellent alternative to surgeries and laser treatments without any side effects, even if you stop using it.

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It has seven essential natural components, namely,

  • Glycine – It is an amino acid that protects against nerve disorders that cause hair loss. It produces the necessary collagen required for hair growth.
  • Meta-bisulfite – It functions as a reducing agent that alters the hair structure. It acts as an antioxidant preservative and a hair-waving/ straightening agent.
  • Dihydroquercetin-glucoside (DHQG) – It is obtained from plant extracts, which target the stem cells of the hair follicles and encourage cell division.
  • Epigallocatechin gallate-glucoside (EGCG2) – It helps fight oxidative stress and is anti-inflammatory. It boosts scalp health.
  • Zinc – It strengthens hair and stops hair fall, giving way to healthy regrowth. It inhibits hair follicle regression.
  • Glycerin – It is a humectant that softens hair, minimises heat damage, and balances the scalp’s pH level.
  • Distilled Water – It is a solvent that dissolves the other ingredients and brings them together.

Now that we know what Redensyl is let’s look at how it works effectively for hair growth. First, let us talk about the three stages of hair growth to understand how Redensyl for hair works.

  • Anagen – The anagen phase is the first phase of the hair development cycle. It is also known as the growth phase, which lasts from three to ten years. The hair follicles on the scalp produce new strands that grow in length during this stage. Majorly your hair grows during this stage.
  • Catagen – The catagen phase is the second phase of hair growth. The strands stop growing but remain attached to the roots, and the hair follicle shrinks. This phase lasts up to ten days, after which the root separates itself from the follicle.
  • Telogen – The last, or the resting stage of your hair development cycle is the telogen phase. The resting hair will remain on your scalp till the anagen phase starts again, and a new hair shaft will push the strands out. This phase lasts about three months, after which the hair falls out. Average hair fall is up to 50-100 strands. The growth cycle continues as the new hair grows in the same hair follicle.

The first phase (anagen) declines due to various factors such as ageing, pollution, and stress that result in thin hair because of hair loss and breakage. This results in hair follicles entering the catagen phase. Redensyl works on extending the anagen phase of hair growth, thus controlling hair loss. It shortens the telogen phase, helping to maintain hair health.

Redensyl stimulates hair growth by triggering the dormant stem cells and increasing their density. It strengthens the hair shaft and increases growth, slows down the hair fall, thus enhancing hair volume and density. It repairs the hair, protects them from environmental and sun damage, and increases hair density by activating new growth.

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Now that we know how redensyl products work let’s take a look at some benefits of this wonder ingredient for your hair.

  • It Increases Hair Growth – Redensyl works at the cellular level to increase hair growth. This reactivates the hair cells, thus leading to faster hair regrowth. Since redensyl does not work at the surface level, this is a more effective hair growth substance.
  • Gives you Thicker and Stronger Hair – Give your hair an instant volume shot with Redensyl products. Get smoother, stronger, and thicker hair with the hair nutrients present in redensyl, like glycine and zinc. These nourish the hair follicles by providing them with the necessary proteins and enhancing blood circulation to your scalp.
  • Visible Reduction in Hairfall – Redensyl products, when used regularly, are proven to reduce hair fall significantly within three months. Since this ingredient works effectively on hair in the telogen phase, redensyl works on reducing this phase, thus, also reducing hair fall. It nourishes your hair follicles so that your hair strands do not snap and fall.
  • Helps Increase Hair Volume Naturally – Redensyl is a natural ingredient with no chemicals in its composition. It ensures your hair grows from the cellular level and does not compromise with your hormones. It is faster and offers more consistency in the results it provides. It provides the hair with amino acids and other potent anti-inflammatories that make up your hair proteins. Redensyl affects your hair dormant hair follicles to enter the anagen phase, thus improving your hair density.
  • No Side Effects – Redensyl has no side effects and is a good substance for hair growth. It is made from plants and processed using biotechnology, thus producing outstanding results. It does not have any hormones and promotes hair growth on a cellular level.
  • Ensures Faster Hair Growth Redensyl controls the resting phase of hair growth, which stimulates the initial hair growth phase. It contains pure plant extracts, and when the biological components of Redensyl are combined with glycerin and water, it leads to faster hair growth.
  • Redensyl is a relatively cheaper alternative to surgeries with no post-operative care needed.

So, as we can see, redensyl is effective for hair growth. But it is no magic ingredient! For redensyl to work, you need to be consistent in its usage for at least three to six months. In some cases, it can show hair growth in as little as twelve weeks and reduce hair fall in eight weeks.

Hair loss and hair damage are some issues affecting almost everyone in one way or the other. Environmental conditions, pollution, stress, poor eating habits, and inherited factors play a keen role in this occurrence. Good hair leads to improved confidence and a positive appearance, so taking care of them is a good idea. Redensyl is a breakthrough ingredient for your hair concerns and better hair and scalp. Redensyl shampoo and other products can work better and be your best bet for your hair issues.

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