Our Story

At Clensta, we create our own path, backed by science and innovation. Our mission is to provide unique solutions for skincare, haircare, wellness & beyond. We aim to revolutionize households worldwide by offering consumers better choices.

For every unique need, we endeavor to create equally unique solutions. Solutions that not only ensure better care, results & experience, but a better outlook towards the environment as well.

A Promising Movement

A group of IIT Delhi alumni, united by a vision, gazing upon the vast landscape of the Indian market, and what did they see? A colossal need for affordable and effective personal hygiene and wellness care solutions. Voilà, Clensta was born! 

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive range of "Made for India" and "Made In India" products that cater to the specific needs of the Indian population. We also believe to enlighten the masses about the art of personal hygiene and wellness & present them with scientifically crafted products that are as delightful as they are essential.

Clensta products are the ultimate combination of comfort, protection & support not only for you but for our environment too.

Our Pillars Of Success

Integrating Nature with Technology

We are committed to presenting unique propositions backed by research. By using innovative natural ingredients, we provide superior solutions and deliver better choices for consumers.


We are consistently looking for better ways of doing things while being conscious of the impact created on the environment. We review processes to ensure reduced pollution and waste production.


We are positively impacting people’s lives by consciously working towards creating a better value and providing empathetic care across categories.

Our Technologies

Waterless Technology

The advanced technology of the weight/vol % and its synergism. The products can maintain the same cleansing effect without leaving the same high level of residue, which can be wiped with a towel/tissue without needing water to wash it off.

Prolonged Alcohol Retention (PAR)

Special ingredients are added to increase the retention or dwell time of alcohol on the disease-causing germs. This technology increases the retention time of alcohol on the skin to provide comprehensive germ protection and ensure 99% germ protection with antimicrobial and antiseptic properties.

Prolonged Antiviral Protection (PAP)

The CoV Guard with Prolonged Antiviral Protection forms a protective layer on the skin to protect for up to 12 hours. The accelerated nanoparticles provide long-lasting antimicrobial/ antiviral care by slowly releasing the reactive oxygen species (ROS) on the skin’s surface.

STAR (Stress-Free skin with Transdermal and Aromatherapy-based Reagents)

We engineered a Transdermal Base Composition for Cosmetic Aromatherapy known as Safe Transdermal Absorption of Reactive ingredients (STAR) Technology, which provides surface cleansing with the transdermal absorption of active ingredients deep down into the skin.

CRAN Technology

Complete Release of Active Nutrients Technology for maintaining optimum nutrient balance for healthy hair, face and body. The present innovation relates to a composition where extracts of natural herbs and multiple vitamins at specific concentration contributes to a healthy body.