The Birth of the Idea

Over 1.1 Billion people across the World lack access to the essential requirement for a healthy life; water. More than 2.7 Billion people face water scarcity issues for at least one month, every year. Water scarcity is upon us! By 2025, at least 50% of the world's population could face irreversible water scarcity issues.In 2016, our scientists began a project that would change the way personal hygiene is maintained. From inside our IIT Delhi office, they developed a patent-protected “Waterless Technology” that allowed us to create an alternative solution for our day-to-day cleaning routine without using water.Today, over 1 billion+ litres of water has been saved, thanks to this technology.Inspired to continue using this innovative technology to make a positive impact on the world, we turned to health and personal care products that people use on and around them everyday.

What makes us different?


Our patented innovative technologies work on the root cause of the problem rather than just touching the surface


Our products are enriched with ingredients from only natural sources to ensure all-round protection.


we use sustainable practices in our entire range by ethically sourcing our ingredients and environment-friendly techniques.

Making An Impact That Matters

How we innovate?

We believe that you can have it all in your everyday products. No sacrifices, no compromise. Our products are effective, convenient, safe for use, affordable and sourced from environmentally responsible ingredients. Before, during and after we launch our products, we’re constantly innovating to identify the latest technology to better meet these standards. And being the first to offer products in these revolutionary formats and with over 21+ patents pending, we’re only just getting started.

A Sustainable Circular Economy

A sustainable circular economyinvolves designing and promoting products that last and that can be reused, repaired and remanufactured. This retains the functional value of products. rather than just recovering the energy or materials they contain nad continuously making products anew.

What People Say About Us...