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10 Reasons Why Your Winter Skincare Routine Needs Jojoba Oil

Glowing and healthy skin is an absolute dream for all of us, especially in the winter season when the dry, cold winds make our skin dull and rough. Yet, we knock on the doors of chemical facial tre...
Clensta Warming body lotion - clensta.com
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Introducing the Clensta Warming Body Lotion – A One-Of-Its-Kind Hydrating and Insulating Lotion

Introducing the one and only Clensta Warming Body Lotion. This body lotion hydrates and moisturises your skin and keeps you warm and protected against cold weather.
Eggstream Eyebrow Growth Serum
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Resolve for Shinier Hair with Almond Oil this Winter Season

The Clensta Eggstreme Eyebrow Serum is enriched with Almond Oil and Vitamin E. It is easy to use and gives you fuller and thicker eyebrows! This eyebrow growth serum effectively strengthens hair an...
Glow Up this Christmas with Vitamin E - clensta.com
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Glow Up this New Year with Vitamin E

Vitamin E is your ideal beauty mate. It is an excellent moisture barrier booster and has many other benefits. It is a true natural wonder to protect and correct skin and hair issues. Read further t...
The Natural Wonder Ingredient for your Hair – Redensyl
Egg protein shampoo

The Natural Wonder Ingredient for your Hair – Redensyl

Redensyl is an effective for hair growth. But it is no magic ingredient! For redensyl to work, you need to be consistent in its usage for at least three to six months.
Face Brightening & Detan Scrub - clensta.com
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What Happens to your Skin when you include a Face Scrub in your Routine

Invest in a Face Brightening & Detan scrub today and see your skin glow. Get the best face scrub for glowing skin only on Clensta!
Skin glow face wash - clensta.com
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Here's why Cleansing is an Important Part of your Skincare Routine!

To get the best face wash for glowing skin, the Clensta Skin Glow Face Wash, infused with Vitamin E, Red Aloe Vera, and Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, is your best choice.
Everything you need to Know about Lip Scrubs - clensta.com
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Everything you need to Know about Lip Scrubs

Lip care is for everyone! From a 13-year-old to an 80-year-old, proper lip care ensures that your lips stay supple, soft, and moisturised for a long time. We all desire soft, amazing lips like our ...
The A to z of Face Serums - clensta.com
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The A to Z of Face Serums

Ageing is a natural process and not something that can be avoided. Looking your age can be avoided when you take care of the largest organ of your body – your skin. Taking care of your skin is the ...