About Clensta

The inspiration for Clensta™ came from the visible need to make Waterless Personal Hygiene accessible at locations with scarcity of water. Clensta™ is an Indian startup and in association with IIT Delhi, one of the leading technology institutions in India, has been working to create innovative healthcare solutions to make hygiene accessible for anyone, anytime and anywhere. Our mantra of ‘clean instantly’ is driven by our aim to create products that promote complete and instant cleaning solutions without the use of water.

We are a team of fresh graduates and seasoned professionals including research scholars and professors of Chemistry with 20+ years of experience in the domain passionate to improve the global hygiene index. Appreciated by the honorable President of India President Shri Ram Nath Kovind, Clensta™ has been creating buzz and being recognized by organizations around the world including the U.S. Embassy (Delhi), the Indian BioTech community & many more.

Personal Hygiene

842, 000 deaths

Annually due to
hygiene concern

2.4 billiion

Lack access to
adequate hygiene

Mosquito Control

$12 billion

Expenditure on
mosquito control

500 milliion

Suffering due to
mosquito bites

Dental Care

70% people

Have oral hygiene

$298 billiion

Cost for dental care

Health Benefits

Prevents illness

both for yourself and those around you

Flossing & Brushing

teeth can reduce the likelihood of oral and other diseases.

Washing hands

and keeping the body clean can reduce fungal and other infections

Social / Psychological Benefits

Feeling dejected

in many cultures because of poor hygien

Good personal hygiene

improves self confidence

Caring For Your Body

reduces body odor and improves appearance

Are you a Distributor? Get a Free Sample Kit here

see how Clensta™ can bring a change

Are you a Distributor? Get a Free Sample Kit here

see how Clensta™ can bring a change