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The What, Why, and How of Under Eye Creams

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William Shakespeare has said, "The eyes are the window to your soul." Popular culture has romanticised and popularised eyes to a great extent. A protagonist's eyes have seen many songs, poetic lines, beautiful dialogues, and entire chapters dedicated to them!

While being a sense organ, your eyes also indicate the health of your skin and how good or bad it is. Since the area around your eyes is super sensitive, it is the first place where you see age-related spots and signs visibly. When you start seeing signs like puffy eyes, under-eye bags, dark circles, fine lines, or crow's feet, it is time to invest in a good under eye cream. Regular moisturisers and creams might be ingredient-rich and effective for your entire face, but they can be too oily or concentrated for the delicate under eye area.

While there are two schools of thought regarding using different products for different areas on your face, we will tell you below why a dark circles removal cream is highly effective and why you should own one. The skincare industry has multiple options for your skin type and issue type. Looking at the variety of products and skin care tools available in the market, people have many suitable options for their specific skin care needs. They can try out brands and products per their particular requirements and concerns.

There are many benefits to using a good under eye cream to care for this sensitive part of your facial skin and keep it bright and glowing. Below are a few reasons why you need one and its various benefits.

  1. Help Reduce Signs of Ageing – Since your under eye skin is sensitive and thin, it is also prone to micro-movements. Ageing starts showing on your skin for two significant reasons: environmental stressors and consuming less water. Under eye creams are packed with antioxidants and skin-friendly chemicals that help keep this delicate skin moisturised and keep ageing signs at bay.
  2. Works to Hide Eye Puffiness – Puffiness usually happens when fluid builds up around the eyes. Suppose you're sleep-deprived, prone to allergies, or have skin prone to fine lines and wrinkles. In that case, an undereye cream is highly beneficial as it is full of nutrition that is helpful for your eyes.
  3. Helps Reduce Dark Circles and Wrinkles – A dark circles removal cream is loaded with natural, skin-friendly ingredients that can help reduce dark circles and blemishes, giving your eyes a sparkling bright glow. This cream helps smoothen the skin around the eyes and revitalise it to minimise the impact that ageing has on your eyes. These under eye creams also help minimise discolouration.
  4. Works as a Base for Makeup – Since an under eye cream works on nourishing and smoothening the under eye area, it helps keep the area smooth, and your makeup products work better on top of the cream. It acts as the perfect base, and laugh lines will not be visible during the day or make that area appear cracked or dull.
  5. Delivers just the Right Amount of Hydration – The soft, delicate skin around your eyes requires extra hydration to stay smooth and wrinkle-free. The active ingredients of the under eye cream provide the right amount of hydration and pamper the fragile skin.
  6. Soothes and Rejuvenates the Tired Undereye Skin – The calming ingredients of most undereye creams have soothing and rejuvenating properties. It targets the fragile under eye area and adds resilience to it, bringing it relief. The area around your eyes suffers from many external aggressors, and it is essential to keep that area supple. The skin loses its bounce as we age, so under eye creams are the dedicated TLC you need to give your eyes. 

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While the benefits of using it are aplenty, it is essential to choose the best skin-friendly and natural ingredients for an under eye cream for dark circles. While a gel-based under eye cream is good, creamy formulations also work well to keep the skin healthy and free of age spots. Below are a few ingredients that, if present in your undereye creams, will benefit you and give you the required moisturisation and protection.

  1. Retinol – This Vitamin A derivative is long known to fight the signs of ageing and keep the under eye area healthy. It helps protect the thin skin from free radical damage.
  2. Niacinamide - It helps minimise pore appearance and protect against sun damage, keeping skin firm and healthy.
  3. Witch Hazel Extract - It is an exotic ingredient that helps reduce inflammation and itchiness on the skin and works wonders on the skin tone.
  4. Chamomile oil - It helps in hydrating the skin and makes it soft from the inside. It also lightens the blemishes and makes the skin radiant.
  5. Hydroquinone – It is a wonder ingredient that helps reduce age spots and works well on hyperpigmentation, which also helps in quick skin recovery.
  6. Aloe Vera – A hydrating cooling gel, Aloe Vera helps soothe the irritated and damaged under eye area. It contains several nutrients that heal, moisturise, and maintain young and glowing skin.

One should always be very careful while using an under eye cream. Always wash your face correctly before using this cream. Gently apply it to the thin under eye area and ensure that it does not enter your eyes as it can cause irritation and redness. Use this topical cream only on your under eye area and not your eyelids. A thin product layer is sufficient, and overdoing it should be avoided. Applying this product on slightly damp skin will help the product get absorbed faster. 

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Below are a few steps that you can follow while applying an under eye cream:

  1. Thoroughly clean your face with a cleanser.
  2. Apply a toner.
  3. Take a few drops of the undereye cream and dab it under your eyes.
  4. Massage it with the roller to ensure the product fully absorbs into the skin.
  5. Follow it up with a face moisturiser.
  6. Ideally, you should use it twice daily on your under eye area.

While there is no specific age to start applying an under eye cream, your late 20s is when the skin starts showing signs of ageing, and that is when you should start using it. You can comfortably use it twice a day and also reapply it during the day if you feel the skin drying up. While topical creams are the cure, a healthy diet, adequate consumption of water, a regular sleep schedule, minimal exposure to blue light emanating from electronic devices, and a good sunscreen are essential additions to your daily routine to keep your under eyes looking and feeling their best.