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Introducing the Clensta Warming Body Lotion – A One-Of-Its-Kind Hydrating and Insulating Lotion

Introducing the one and only Clensta Warming Body Lotion. This body lotion hydrates and moisturises your skin and keeps you warm and protected against cold weather.
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Winter is the time for fuzzy socks, warm hands, hot chocolate, and a cosy fireplace. But unfortunately, it is also when laziness takes over, and the bed seems so inviting that it becomes a task to step out in the biting cold. Even basic tasks such as stepping out of the room, going to the washroom, and maintaining personal hygiene require strength and courage. Still, many brave hearts amongst us have to go on with their daily tasks, going to the office, protecting the country in extreme temperatures, doing menial jobs to ensure we function correctly, and not having the luxury of staying in bed for long.

Not only do we go into hibernation, lazy mode, but our skin and hair also see extreme changes during this season. Our skin becomes dry due to the cold winds, constant moisturisation becomes the need of the hour, and our skin feels red, itchy, and full of cracks. Our lips feel chapped at all times, chafing is expected, our heels are always cracked, and we become lazy to apply sunscreen leading to UV damage to the skin. While this is for the skin, our hair also faces many problems during winter. A dry and flaky scalp becomes common, leading to excessive dandruff, our hair becomes static, and we suffer from split ends because the hair is dead and damaged. Lack of moisture also leads to dry and dehydrated hair, giving them a very frizzy look.

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While we all wear layers of clothing to protect us from the biting cold, we are sure you wish for something that protects your exposed body parts from the cold too. Clensta brings you a revolutionary, first-of-its-kind product that will not only moisturise your dry skin, which is exposed to the harsh cold, but also insulate and keep it warm — introducing the Clensta Warming Body Lotion. This body lotion hydrates and moisturises your skin, keeping you warm and protected against cold weather.

This warming body lotion is infused with active ingredients such as ginger oil, saffron oil, and shea butter. Ginger Oil stimulates and warms, reducing anxiety, agitation, and fatigue. It soothes redness and restores colour and radiance to a dull complexion. Saffron Oil helps treat acne, heal scars, and gives you a natural glow. In addition, it helps rejuvenate skin, visibly reduces pigmentation, fights skin irritation effectively, and protects from UV rays. Shea Butter soaks into the skin to create a smooth and soft barrier that seals in moisture, making the skin look fresh and radiant.

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The Clensta Warming Body Lotion is enriched with revolutionary ingredients like ginger and saffron oils. Ginger oil has a distinct aroma that can be described as intense, warm, or spicy, which is why we feel hot after consuming ginger. Ginger oil further contains an active known as Gingerol, which stimulates the receptors in the skin and causes a warming sensation. In addition, it activates microcirculation which creates a long-term heating effect. Since ancient times, saffron has been known for its heating properties and warm potency. It is also why it is harvested in frigid climates and used to generate heat in the body by adding it to your daily foods and drinks.  

The Clensta Warming Body Lotion keeps you warm when applied to the exposed parts of your body. It provides adequate hydration and protects you from the harmful UV radiation of the sun. With this intensely hydrating lotion, you can safely eliminate dry skin problems and keep cosy without having to layer yourself in warm clothes. Once applied, this body lotion keeps you warm for up to four hours, and you can reapply it whenever you feel the need. So, if you spend much time outdoors, keep this warming body lotion handy and reapply it when needed. We have developed a scientific way for a product’s absorption into the skin through a transdermal technology and activation of olfactory lobes, which we call STAR Technology - Stress-free skin with Transdermal and Aromatherapy based Reagents. It relates to a composition used in topical product formulation as a base of transdermal technology for cosmetic aromatherapy. More specifically, the present invention can formulate a range of personal care products based on transdermal technology. This significantly enhances permeability and increases the bioavailability of various herbal extracts, vitamins, essential oils, nutrients, and surfactants.

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Below are the steps through which Clensta’s STAR technology works and makes Clensta better for your overall personal care:

  1. Disrupts the lipid bilayer to increase the permeability of the molecules
  2. Fluidisation of the structural lipids of the subcutaneous
  3. Increases water content of the skin
  4. Increases the thermodynamic activity of the subcutaneous tissues
  5. Decreases the barrier function of the lipophilic membrane
  6. Modifies the lipid structure
  7. Pre-treats the skin

So, beat the cold in style and do not compromise your looks or health when you step out this winter. Whether attending a wedding, going clubbing at night, attending the office early in the morning, or even planning a trekking trip with your buddies – the Clensta Warming Body Lotion is your go-to health accessory. Keep it with you always, and keep yourself safe, warm, hydrated, and insulated wherever you go.